‘Budget Cuts’ Sequel to Arrive on SteamVR Headsets This Year, Trailer Here


Neat Corporation today announced at UploadVR’s E3 VR showcase that they’ve partnered with Fast Travel Games to create a sequel to their VR stealth game Budget Cuts (2018).

Called Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency, the game is said to arrive on SteamVR headsets sometime in 2019.

Here’s how Fast Travel Games describes Budget Cuts 2 on the game’s website:

TransCorp is about to optimize humanity out of existence, and you must find a way into the belly of the beast to stop their vicious budget cuts. Fight your way through a multitude of new environments and robotic enemies; find new tools and allies along the way. Put an end to the notion of ultimate efficiency before it puts an end to us.

Image courtesy Neat Corporation, Fast Travel Games

Fast Travel calls Budget Cuts 2 both “the conclusion” to the adventure started in Budget Cuts, but is also a self-contained game positioned to appeal to new player’s of the franchise.

In the trailer, linked above and below, it appears the franchise is making strides to leave the indoor office space which made up the totality of the first game, instead visiting larger and more open environments.

A new weapon can also be seen, a bow that lets you get in longer, more precise shots in comparison to the sharp-thing-throwing mechanic of the previous title.

The studios have also created a Steam page (link not yet live) so you can wishlist the game.

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  • dextrovix

    I really love Budget Cuts, I’m surprised a sequel has shown up this quickly, although I guess by partnering and reusing a lot of the original assets has helped to get this hurried along.

    Whether there’s enough changes to warrant calling it a sequel rather than a glorified equivalent of a DLC, only time will tell…

  • Nepenthe

    Wilhelm Scream?

    • arlene

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      • dextrovix


    • dextrovix

      Not that I heard, if you mean in the trailer?

      • Nepenthe

        It’s the third one the player dumps over the edge, right at 0:40.

        • dextrovix

          Yes, darn close if it wasn’t, but I think you’re right!