Joachim_Holmer_Jenny_NordenborgBudget Cuts is a first-person stealth game that’s one of the more fun and engaging room-scale HTC Vive experiences that I’ve played. You’re an aspiring spy trying to infiltrate a robot-protected building in order to approve your job application. Part of the intention behind this game was to push the limits of physical action that was incorporated into the game play with sneaking around, looking around corners, and peaking over obstacles. There’s also a very unique teleportation method where you can look through the lens of a Portal-like window that you can sweep around an area in order to preview your next teleportation destination. I had a chance to catch up with Neat Corporation’s Jenny Nordenborg and Joachim Holmér at Unity’s AR/VR Vision Summit to talk about their design goals with Budget Cuts, some of their favorite stories and reactions to the game, and some of their future plans. Budget Cuts is expected to be finished sometime later this year.


Here’s a trailer for Budget Cuts

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  • Steve Biegun

    Is there any way to try out a demo of this now? I love to showcase great experiences to users who haven’t had the opportunity to try out a Vive .