‘Bullet Train’ on the Latest Oculus Touch Makes You a Bullet-Catching Badass


If you didn’t know you could catch bullets, Epic Games wants you to reconsider in their physics-bending VR first-person shooter Bullet Train. The game gives you a few well-placed commands in the beginning, and thankfully no lengthy tutorializing as such.

Time dilates around me. Bullets slow down, leaving behind them a visible warping of the fabric of space. And that’s your cue to experiment. Do you dodge them? That was my first instinct, as I ducked down letting two bullets slowly whiz by me.

But then a horizontal rain of hot lead starts flying in much larger quantities—way too many to dodge. ‘Throw Back‘, the game instructs me. That’s when it clicks. I can kill enemies with their own bullets, and you know what? I’m really not half bad at it. In fact, I’m starting to feel like I don’t need guns at all, just my own two hands and the mediocre hand-eye coordination skills developed from painstaking years of picking things up. Of course, all of this is a part of Bullet Train‘s unique game mechanics—tossing back bullets and missiles when you’re in a tight spot—but you can be forgiven if you didn’t know it before strapping into the Rift and grabbing a pair of Touch controllers.

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I’m looking forward to more difficult levels in the future, because as far as demos go, Bullet Train is designed to make you feel like an action hero by helping you most of the way with things like slow bullets coming out of your gun (slow like a Nerf bullet) so you can better see how you’re shooting, and guided missiles so you can fudge a little bit of your throwing technique. All of this makes sense though, because without tactile feedback to know when to let go of an object, it’s actually really hard to throw something in VR accurately—kind of like throwing a dart with numb hand.

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Hopefully they’ll crank up the difficulty once the player acquaints his/herself with bullet tossing. But in the meantime I’ll be savoring my moment as the bullet-throwing, time-dilating badass from the future.

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  • Mateusz

    Yeah. High difficulty that would force you to duck behind obstacles and use bullet time wisely would really take this game to the next level. It’s almost painful to watch enemies run around without posing any real threat ;)

  • Sky Castle

    Is this a game? Last I heard this was only a tech demo with no intention of being a full game.

    • Sithalo

      dk but it could be turned into a game down the line like how Kara was a tech demo and is now being fleshed out into a full game

  • David Pasquale

    This way of mooving is TOTALLY CRAP!!!!!
    This teleports you back in the 80s..when games where made without any possibility of free moving. Moreover it is in the opposite direction of getting immersion!!
    I think they MUST give you anyway the possibility of control your feet by moving the right or left stick on the controller. if someone has motion sickness then can start using this crappy teleport!!!!!!!!!