‘Bullet Train’ is a VR FPS Built for Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch


Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, took the stage today at Oculus Connect to tell the world a little about their upcoming VR FPS, Bullet Train.

Bullet Train is a VR first-person shooter using Oculus Touch that puts you the role of an agent undergoing an infiltration simulation set inside a modern train station. With a specially designed teleportation mechanism, Sweeney says that it will “open up world-scale VR,” making a large rendered space easier to navigate. Epic says that Oculus Touch-integration will also allow you to physically interact with an array of weapons, from guns to grenades to missiles, and even feel them through haptic feedback.

catching bullets in bullet train
catching a bullet and throwing it back in ‘Bullet Train’

Bullet Train offers a ‘bullet time’ feature that CEO Brendan Iribe says “you can grab [bullets] out of the air and toss them back,” by using a button on Touch.

The VR first-person shooter appears to take inspiration from Epic’s Showdown, a tech demo built in the company’s Unreal Engine to show off Oculus’ ability to integrate large-scale tracking volumes. The demo features a scene where the viewer is immersed in a slow-motion world of exploding shrapnel, futuristic soldiers and a very imposing robot boss.

“Epic puts enormous effort into building great technology and content for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. We believe that the VR revolution currently underway will open up unprecedented opportunities for game developers, filmmakers, and other creative folks,” Sweeney said.

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The news of Bullet Train is breaking, so check back for updated info on release dates and more information on the company’s first VR FPS.

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