Big news for fans of VR and the FPS franchise behemoth Call of Duty. The series’ latest instalment Infinite Warfare, is to come with free made-for-PlayStation VR DLC ‘Jackal Assault.

Covering VR news these past 4 years, there are some milestones I’ve had in mind to chart VR’s penetration of the mainstream gaming psyche, and the announcement of one of the biggest FPS franchises of all time coming to VR in any form, was one of them.

Well, here we are then. Activision has announced that its latest Call of Duty, subtitled ‘Infinite War’ will be shipping out with bonus virtual reality DLC inbound. Described by Activision’s Rob Kostich as “a cool, fun extension that’s inspired by Infinite Warfare. We’re excited to not only share this experience with Call of Duty XP fans this weekend, but give it for free to all Infinite Warfare PS4 players later this year.”

This is another major coup for the PlayStation VR platform ahead of its official release on October 13th. It seems that those who hoped that a virtual reality headset powered by a console, aimed at a broader audience would entice gaming’s big players into the immersive space may have been right.

call-of-duty-xpThe news was announced at Call of Duty XP, a special event for fans of the franchise, and for those attending, the Jackal Assault VR DLC is playable at the show this weekend. The DLC itself puts you in the cockpit of the game’s ‘Jackal’ space craft (yes, CoD is in space now) as you battle for supremacy miles above the earth’s surface. As per the short snippets of video above, and perhaps as expected, it’s a remarkable polished experience.

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s ‘Jackal Assault’ DLC is expected to arrive on PlayStation 4 alongside the game’s release, currently slated for November 4th.

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  • Shinigami

    Why not 4 Pc?

    • Pete

      We are talking about COD afterall. PC is always an afterthought for them.

    • victor

      ps4 is for gaming and psvr too, pc is secondary ;)