VR Cover, the company known for its aftermarket accessories for VR headsets, recently revealed their latest project, an array of Oculus Rift-compatible facial interfaces and foam padding that effectively replaces the one shipped stock with the Rift.

Along with the big reveal of the Rift at the company’s pre-E3 ‘Step into the Rift’ event last year, Oculus announced that multiple facial interfaces would be made available for the headset, an effort to appease both the glasses-wearers and lumpy headed among us. To the surprise of many, only a single foam insert was included in the box.

While the Rift’s stock facial insert clips in an out of the headset with ease, the problem lies in the fact that Oculus doesn’t sell additional interfaces on their store. The image below, showing Oculus’ original intention to ship two facial interfaces, was recovered from an Internet Archive page captured in late June 2015.

facial interface oculus rift

Enter VR Cover, a company that’s been producing hygienic covers for practically everything since the Oculus Rift DK2 back in 2014, and more recently prescription lenses for headsets through their Kickstarter-funded VR Lens Lab. Now, the company is filling a new niche with its swappable facial interfaces and replacement foam pads.

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To do this, the VR Cover team reverse-engineered a stock facial interface, and even engaged in what company founder Jay Uhdinger says were some “helpful talks with Oculus” to bring the project to life. Uhdinger maintains that the company’s aftermarket parts are in no way an officially sanctioned replacement, but says they “work flawlessly and will enable you to use a variety of face foam paddings on your Oculus Rift.”

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oculus rift facial interface

oculus rift foam padding

Offering both ‘standard’ (what appears to be an exact copy of the stock interface) and an elongated version especially for glasses-wearers, VR Cover will be shipping the interfaces alongside a line of velcro-lined foam pads.

Currently only two foam pads are available to choose from—a thinner version for a wider FOV, and a ‘standard size’ version made from memory foam, both covered in PU leather, a material made from a split leather backing finished with a layer of polyurethane. According to the Kickstarter though, “[i]t’s very likely that we will have more options for you to choose from before we ship your reward.”

The lowest reward tier (€29 EUR ~ $32 USD) includes a single, black facial interface (glasses or standard), and a single replacement foam pad of your choosing. Rewards are slated to ship in September of this year.

Disclosure: I received a VR Cover for review on my personal blog late 2014.

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  • J.C.

    I got a VR Cover for my Vive, and while it doesn’t fit as snugly as their videos/photos suggest, it’s far more comfortable over a long play session than the foam padding it covers, and is washable. Their products are pretty expensive for what you get, but they’re also the only ones making anything like them.

  • Matt R

    I just got my low profile leather inserts for the Vive. Makes it so uncomfortable. I have both Vive and CV1 and the I don’t have a problem with comfort on either (Vive is softer) with the default foam. These inserts are not recommended by me.

    • Daryle Henry

      Of course, the low profile padding wasn’t made for comfort and even says on the site that you sacrifice some comfort for increased FOV. Also they are waterproof and easily cleaned with an antibacterial wipe.
      The thicker pads for the Rift look like they would be more comfortable than the stock padding on the Rift as they are made with memory foam. And also, they are waterproof too. I wouldn’t write these off just because you thought the Vive ones were uncomfortable.

  • James Friedman

    This is great because I can’t get my glasses to fit my CV1. I was hoping Oculus would of sent some options but they did not.

  • Gwalbert

    I produce low cost htc vive cushion without making campaign or bighallo at kickstarter (gwalbert.blez@gmail.com).

  • Jake

    Hopefully they make ones for PSVR too. Even better is if the PSVR will be the first headset that glasses-wearers can use!

    • Joe Holliday

      My wife and I use the Vive while wearing glasses with no issue. There’s even a cutout for glasses in the stock foam.

    • Martin Mølbach

      I can use glasses with the Oculus Rift CV1 no problem