The Street Fighter franchise isn’t actually in VR yet—not unless you count playing the retro ROMS in New Retro Arcadebut the attendees at this year’s Capcom Cup at Red Bull Battle Grounds in Boston will get a chance to relive the iconic car-smashing bonus stage from Street Fighter II (1991).

The demo uses an HTC Vive and a pair of Vive Trackers to let you kick and punch the ever-living crap out of the car for the maximum numbers of points while the countdown timer ticks away. And we know what you’re thinking. Yeah. That’s it. In the grand scheme of things though, a good VR car-smashing simulator is a thousand times better than a slapdash version of Street Fighter, especially in the sacred halls of one of the most important Street Fighter V competitions on Earth.

The experience will only be available during the days of the competition, but if you’re in the area, playing the Street Fighter II Bonus Stage Virtual Reality experience will enter you in to win a grand prize of a Red Bull SFV Can custom gaming cabinet, valued at $3,000. The first place prize is an HTC Vive.

The North American Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds will take place at The Castle in Boston on November 18-19.

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Fun fact: According to the Street Fighter wiki, the car that gets a thrashing was actually modeled after the first-generation Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS400) which was produced from 1990–1994. Neat.

Here’s a look at the original bonus stage, circa 1991.

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  • ra51

    They should just release this on the web so we can all can break virtual cars for fun.

  • Jerald Doerr

    OMG!! I hope they have a spot to lineup our quarters! 1 or 2 quaters could get me a hour of blade kicking and sonic booming nubs!!