AR Optics

AR Optics

Switchable Waveguide from DigiLens Claims to Double the Resolution of XR Glasses

DigiLens today announced a new capability for their waveguides which it's calling a transparent resolution expander. Purportedly able to double the inherent resolution of...

DigiLens and Mitsubishi Chemical Ready Low Cost Plastic Waveguide Optics for AR

DigiLens, creators of waveguide optics, today announced a "deeper" partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical to bring a plastic version of its waveguide technology to the...

Latest Lumus Waveguide Shows Retina Resolution & 50° FOV in AR Glasses Form-factor

Waveguide optics are increasingly looking like the best near-term solution for creating AR glasses that are truly glasses-sized. Lumus is one such waveguide company...

Gorilla Glass Maker Corning & Pixelligent Partner to Develop Optics for Consumer AR Headsets

Corning Incorporated, the makers of Corning Gorilla Glass, announced a new partnership with compound material supplier Pixelligent Technologies to develop optics for the coming...

WaveOptics Secures Additional $13M to Expand AR Optics Manufacturing

WaveOptics, a designer and manufacturer of waveguide optics for AR displays, announced it's raised a total of $39 million (£30m) in Series C funding,...

WaveOptics & Goertek Deal to Enable Mass Production of AR Optics

AR optics maker WaveOptics has announced a manufacturing partnership with Goertek, one of the VR industry's leading manufacturers. The deal will enable mass production of...

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