Oculus Touch Games

Oculus Touch Games

Mark Zuckerberg on Oculus Toybox and Touch “The Craziest Oculus Experience”

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of social media giant Facebook, has become more and more vocal around the company's virtual and augmented reality plans of late....

Overlaid Videos Show Just how Accurate Oculus Touch Controls Are

Oculus Touch tech demonstration 'Toybox' made its public video debut a couple of days ago and highlighted the sheer fun that can be had...

New Oculus Touch ‘Toybox’ Videos Show Gestures, Sock Puppets, Shrink Rays, and More

Oculus described Toybox as their internal test bed for the company's 'Touch' motion input controllers. The company is polishing up the experience to give...

Watch How Epic’s Oculus Touch Shooter ‘Bullet Train’ Was Made

Epic's Bullet Train was one of the highlights of last month's Oculus Connect developer conference, being one of the first triple-A titles to demonstrate...

Oculus Touch Shooter ‘Bullet Train’ Publicly Debuts at SEA VR Oct 28th, Register to...

Connect 2, Oculus' developer conference held last month, witnessed a focus on their new VR input system Oculus Touch, including a flagship title built...

How Oculus Studios’ First Touch Shooter Made Me Feel Like a Gun Slingin’ Badass

Dead and Buried is the latest game to come from the first-party Oculus Studios; built specifically for the company's Touch controllers, the game has...

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