“Luxury” accessory maker Caviar plans to sell desecrated customized Apple Vision Pro for the high, high price of $40,000. The ridiculous price is the whole point.

For anyone who has so much money that they don’t have anything left to do with it than tell everyone that they have it, Caviar plans to sell the Vision Pro ‘CVR Edition’, a customized $40,000 version of the headset that tacks on bulky and heavy additions with the goal of making the headset a “work of designer art.” Because clearly the $3,500 headset wasn’t expensive enough.

And yes, as far as we can tell, they’re serious—and a real company.

In addition to fancy leathers for the headstrap and facepad, the defining feature of the Vision Pro CVR edition is the 18K gold flip-up cover which is made to conceal the headset’s external EyeSight display. The display shows the user’s eyes on the outside of the headset whenever they’re looking at the real world. This is to communicate to people outside of the headset that you can see them and they can see you. So exactly why you wouldn’t want people seeing your eyes is unclear (literally this is the entire point of having a display on the outside).

Image courtesy Caviar

Considering the Vision Pro is already a fairly heavy headset, slapping on hunks of gold also doesn’t make much sense for this product in the first place. Gold is more dense than Lead and even Tungsten, with a single cubic-inch weighing in at 316 grams (probably nearly half of the Vision Pro’s total weight).

But the insanity is (sadly) the point. A $40,000 product that’s made worse by its “luxury” additions is designed for nothing else than flaunting one’s absurd wealth in the face of others. Ultimately the Vision Pro ‘CVR Edition’ is made to sit on a shelf as a trophy of excess.

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While we doubt the company will actually manage to sell any of these headsets, Caviar claims only 24 will be made, and they are expected to launch in Fall of 2024.

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  • Onikaze

    par for the course for this company, you can also get a bedazzled phone from them for absurd amounts.

    • ViRGiN

      oh no, someone is giving options to those who don’t have to make their hobby their entire personality

      • Sven Viking

        Not sure spending an extra $36,500 on your hobby for little reason is a sign you’re less wrapped up in your hobby than others.

      • Ookami

        LOL this is hilarious coming from the person who mocks people for buying fancy pcvr stuff like fbt or basestations when those have practical uses and are the fraction of the cost.

  • Maybe


    • Arno van Wingerde

      Oh come on! Where is your sense of humor? If people want to advertise that they have lots of money and are total idiots, they should be allowed to do so…

      • Cragheart

        Or perhaps that money should be given to those who use it more wisely.

  • johnyjazz

    You could pretend you’re in Daft Punk while playing Beat Sabre!

  • Ookami

    ok so why do they cover up the front screen though? that’s such a waste imo.
    Then again so is the rest of this product. To each their own, I guess.

  • FXTrader

    If you are very rich why not, it looks very cool and luxurious.

  • Mat Pawluczuk

    If never unboxed it might be seen as an investment.
    Otherwise there’s little value due to heaviness and front plate being covered

  • Hussain X

    Don’t worry, the rich have that covered too. They’ll have live-in professional headset balancers whose only job is to stand in front of the headset wearer and professionally lift and balance the headset ever so slightly to take some weight off the rich person’s precious face. The purpose of the flip up cover is so each party does not have to see each other’s face during a session.

  • I’m going to get 2!