CCP is soon to release its VR space combat title, EVE Valkyrie into the wild. At EVE Fanfest today, they’ve announced a pre-alpha program for EVE Online and Dust 514 account holders.

CCP Games’ EVE Fanfest 2015 is in full swing in Reykjavik and the day was filled with updates on their made-for-VR, multiplayer space combat game EVE Valkyrie. New screenshots, an unmasking of the protagonist and a glimpse of the game running on Oculus’ Crescent Bay hardware. However, for those who’ve waited patiently (and by that I mean furiously F5’ing CCP’s homepage), the wait to get your hands on the game (outside of a games convention at least) may soon be over.

CCP have announced that it’s to allow a limited number of existing EVE Online and/or Dust 514 players to register their interest in taking part in EVE Valkyrie‘s pre-alpha program and to be among the first in the world to play the game online with other players, in VR.

If you satisfy the requirements, then head on over to the sign up page – and let the painful wait to find out if you’re one of ‘the chosen’ begin.

Ben Lang is at Fanfest covering the event, he’s been hands-on with the latest version demo’d on Oculus’ Crescent Bay and will report back soon with his impressions.

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Disclosure: CCP Games is covering travel and lodging expenses for one Road to VR writer to attend Fanfest 2015.

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  • Jacob Pederson

    Just bought a Eve sub to get a shot at this, anybody know when the Alpha lottery is going on?