Pimax announced some new additions to its line of wide field of view VR headsets recently. With the constantly growing number of headset variations and mind-boggling additional prefixes to account for, you’re certainly not alone if you can’t keep all of their headsets straight.

Thankfully the company provided a comprehensive spec sheet at CES that puts all of the company’s headset offerings in one place. Here’s the company’s six headsets, including all of the most important specs:

Note: Both the 5K Super and Artisan aren’t for sale just yet, however we’ve included links below for those that are. All of the headsets below are priced without SteamVR tracking base stations and controllers.

Vision 8KX Vision 8K Plus 5K Super
Resolution (per lens) 3,840 x 2,160 3,840 x 2,160 2,560 x 1,440
Display type LCD, RGB stripe LCD, RGB stripe LCD, RGB stripe
Rendering Native 4K per eye Upscale 1440p to 4K
Native 2,560 x 1,440
FOV 200° (D), 170° (H), 115° (V) 200° (D), 170° (H), 115° (V)
200° (D), 170° (H), 115° (V)
Refresh rate 75/120 Hz 110/90 Hz 180/160 Hz
Included headstrap Modular Audio Strap (MAS) Modular Audio Strap (MAS)
Modular Audio Strap (MAS)
Price $1,299 $999 ???
New Pimax Artisan Headset to Include Optional NOLO VR Tracking & Controllers
5K Plus 5K XR Artisan
Resolution (per lens) 2,560 x 1,440 2,560 x 1,440 1,700 x 1,440
Display type
LCD, RGB stripe
LCD, RGB stripe
Rendering Native 2,560 x 1,440 Native 2,560 x 1,440
Native 1,700 x 1,440
FOV 200° (D), 170° (H), 115° (V) 200° (D), 170° (H), 115° (V)
170° (D), 140° (H), 115° (V)
Refresh rate 120/90 Hz 85 Hz 120/90 Hz
Included headstrap Flexible (MAS optional) Flexible (MAS optional)
Flexible (MAS optional)
Price $699 $899
$449 (basic), $??? (Nolo VR version)

– – — – –

We had a chance to visit Pimax’s booth at CES, so we should have our hands-on impressions with their latest tech out soon. We’re here for the entirety of CES, so check back for all things AR/VR to come from one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics show.

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  • sjefdeklerk

    Judging by the interview MRTV did, this seems to be the Kevin Henderson’s idea. My god I hope he’s not going to bankrupt the company, like he did several times before …

    • Uncle Right

      Yes, this guy is a total amateur, without clear vision and goals. Sell 10 versions to 5 people is his idea for Pimax business..

      • Jonathan

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    Thanks so much for this! I honestly failed to stay on top of all things Pimax …

    • mellott124

      Release dates don’t mean much for Pimax. If you can accept that it may not ship anywhere near when you’re expecting it then you’ll be much happier.

  • Uncle Right

    1440 is a total joke for 2020 year. It should be 2160 AT LEAST.

    • Jistuce

      Tell AMD and nVidia to get on the ball. Dual 1700*1440@90 is challenging(read as: expensive) right now, unless you make great detail sacrifices.

      • MosBen

        Also, that’s on the low end headset, right? It’s not just a question of powering it, but how much it costs to make. The resolution/price ratio may be good enough for some folks.

        • Jistuce

          Yeah, I picked the lowest-end of the bunch to illustrate the point. It only gets worse from there.
          Everyone wants the Star Trek Holodeck right now, and there’s a lot of dots to be connected.

          That said, I still don’t understand why VR doesn’t support dual-GPU rendering just as a matter of fact. One card for the left eye, one card for the right eye. It seems like an easy way to avoid virtually all the problems dual-card rendering has.

  • MW

    Company unable to provide one complete and working VR set for years now have a plans to offer 6 types of HMD? Good one Pimax. Maybe you don’t know how to produce, sell and support electronics but certainly you have a sense of humor.

    • victor

      what are you talking about my pimax5KPlus works great. Only complaint I have is that its lcd.. I prefer led due to black levels

      • Bob Smith

        5k XR has OLED. I love mine.

    • Lulu Vi Britannia

      Truth spoken, thank you! This company is a joke, but a pretty sad one in my opinion. They’re just breaking the VR market, which is already pretty small.

  • remosito

    can’t wait for your hands on of the 8kX.

  • Bob

    Get ready to add another 3 more products to that table by the end of the year.

    This is the Pimax way.

  • Too many products for a little startup, it is creating confusion in the consumers and delays in the production

  • Dave Graham

    Well it looks like the 5K XR would be the set for me since its the only one with OLED – I love my Rift S but the milky grey blacks are disgusting at night-time in FO4 and space in any game like ED. Oh and the sound is wank as well without a headset but thats a well known other story.

    • Bob Smith

      Love my XR! Couldn’t stand LCD “blacks” on Index.

      • Dave Graham

        Whats your honest opinion about all the messing around with settings in the Pi tool you need to do to get decent results? Seems to be a fuck ton of them that need tweaking for each game or is this opinion out of date with the newer tool?

        • Bob Smith

          I don’t know how much Pitools has changed or not from older versions–I’m using a beta with black level controls and it’s simple enough to use once you get familiar with it–kind of a confusing UI at first, but it’s not complicated when you spend a little time with it. There are a few settings with the most important being FOV size, refresh rate, and Parallel Projections. Once you set those you can just forget them. Some games need parallel projections and some don’t, but I pretty much just leave it on. FOV you can adjust in game to see which works best in terms of frame rate but I just leave it at the largest setting since I got my RTX 2070 card. The only pain in the ass can be changing refresh rate which I also don’t adjust any more since I got the RTX card, but back when I only had a GTX 970 I did, and sometimes it wouldn’t take unless I rebooted my whole machine. But that’s about it. Maybe it used to be bad but in general I think Pitools is a non-issue now and nothing to worry about. Pimax does s pretty good job updating and improving it, even adding higher refresh rates (which us OLED owners unfortunately can’t use).I like that they give the user control over most things–i owned a CV1 and Samsung Odyssey before this and neither let you adjust black level like Pimax does (though I just leave it at the “balanced” setting and forget about it.)

          • Dave Graham

            Great answer – ty

          • Bob Smith

            I should mention that the Samsung Odyssey + is a viable alternative for anyone looking for an OLED. Exact
            same Samsung panel as the Vive Pro (it’s actually better in terms of color than the XR panel, which is also made by Samsung). The Oddy also has a much bigger FOV compared to your S. Coming from the CV1 I was impressed with the difference. And of course it is dirt cheap. But it has a few obvious drawbacks matched against the XR: smaller FOV obviously, no native integration with Index base stations and controllers (best thing about the Index IMO) and then there’s Microsoft with their usual shitty support of PC gaming (VR or otherwise). Still I almost kept the Ody before ultimately deciding on the Pimax.

            Quest might also be an option for you since it’s an OLED too and Oculus has decided to support PC gaming on it. Personally I was glad to get away from Facebook but still might pick one of these up someday.

  • Lucas Cunningham

    A really important thing to note is that VR clarity is detirmined by subpixels per degree (which explains why they went to 3 sp RGB and not ~2 sp pentile LED) so while these headsets may have double the overall resolution as say a Rift S, that resolution is spread of twice the FOV.

    When I compared the previous Pimax 8k (OLED) against the Rift S I saw that there was more stuff to look at (and render) but that stuff wasn’t much clearer. I’m sure the new verison will be much better, just maybe not as much as you may anticipate.

    Additonally I think DFR/Eye tracking is essential on these ultra high res headsets beause I couldn’t get over 10 fps on a 2080ti (eGPU mind you) when trying an archvis application.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I used most every headset since they began and Pimax is way ahead of the competition.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    The pitools software alone has so many unlocked options.Think unlocked jailbreak phones.Think pc modding compared to console games.