The Climb 2 (2021), the Oculus Quest climbing game from Crytek, just got its second Freestyle Expansion Pack which brings six new levels featuring some of the sequel’s most interesting mechanics.

Coming on the heels of the game’s first Freestyle Expansion Pack which launched in late April, the fresh DLC drop brings six checkpoint-free levels in both casual and professional modes.

Crytek says in an Oculus blogpost that if players complete each level step-by-step, they’ll be able to nab a new glove model as a completion reward. The studio says chalk-less climbers will be able to “rack up some bonus points.”

Here’s the list of new maps coming in Freestyle Expansion Pack Part 2, all of which seem to focus on one specific mechanic:

  • Press Me! – Find buttons, press them, and spawn new grips to allow you to continue climbing, with some platforms featuring more than one button for new pathways.
  • Wheel’n’Jump – Have fun on a hamster wheel, which will rotate using the weight of your body. Once you’ve got the right spinning speed, you’ll need to climb onto the construction and jump off just in the nick of time to complete the level!
  • Obstacle Course – Here you’ll need to conquer monkey bars and two types of blocking walls as well as get your timing just right to jump across.
  • Rotating Blocks – Multiple blocks will orbit around the center. You’ll need to jump onto moving blocks, and as soon as you do, their movement will stop. Watch out as the blocks feature normal and crumbling grips!
  • Slides – No climbing needed—here you’ll need to slide and jump your way through the course. The challenge is to jump from one slide to the other in time. Keep an eye out for two grips where you can take a break to chalk up.
  • Crumbling Madness – Here there are three walls, each separated from one another and only a few crumbling grips to grab. As soon as the first wall grip is grabbed, you’ll move towards the second wall and so on until you get to the end platform. The challenge is to time it right. Stay to a wall as long as possible and jump off at the right time—otherwise you’ll drop to your peril. Once you get to the third wall, it’s smooth sailing with slides taking you to the end platform.

Crytek mentioned earlier this year that the Freestyle Climbing Pack would be split into two halves, each of which would bring six new levels to the game. The studio hasn’t mentioned future plans to release more levels, although this year’s post-launch DLC has nearly doubled the amount of levels on offer, bringing it now to a total of 27 levels.

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We gave The Climb 2 a very respectable [8.5/10] in our review, lauding the game’s refined climbing mechanics, fun challenges, and diverse set of awe-inspiring locales.

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