Lies Beneath (2020), the Oculus-exclusive survival horror VR game from Gunheart (2018) creators Drifter Entertainment, launched late last month on Oculus Quest. Now Rift users can get into the fun too, if you can call being slightly traumatized “fun”.

We generally liked Lies Beneath on Quest, giving it a solid [7/10] in our review for its intense graphic novel visual style, interesting hand-drawn enemies and environments, and serviceable action.

While Lies Beneath a pretty bare-bones shooter at its core, this gritty standalone adventure has a lot going for it though. The level of fear and violence in the game’s dark and foreboding universe is a big standout for us in general, although melee fighting and object interaction don’t really shine as much as we had hoped.

Although clearly built with Quest in mind first, Lies Beneath made some interesting design decisions which give it a look more befitting of the PC VR platform, namely its dark, claustrophobic levels and cool cell shaded environment. This, even if it’s a 1:1 port, shouldn’t put you off, or feel overly ‘mobile-y’. That said, you’ll easily sink in the 6+ hours to complete, and maybe come back for more on a higher difficulty level.

You can find Lies Beneath on the Oculus Store for Rift now, priced at $30.

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  • Gonzax

    4 hours in and loving it.