Creator of the cult hit comedy show Community, Dan Harmon, has raved about the new HTC Vive VR headset in a recent podcast where he describes his extraordinary experiences … making soup in virtual reality.

Dan Harmon’s popular podcast series ‘Harmontown‘ is described by the creator and star as “a comedic journey following ‘Community’ creator Dan Harmon” and is generally a very funny, irreverent and occasionally surreal look at, well whatever’s in Harmon’s brain at the time.

Dan Harmon appearing on Harmontown
Dan Harmon appearing on Harmontown

In a recent episode entitled ‘Pink Mist’, amidst some amusing Uber driver rants, he lets on that he’s had the opportunity to try Steam’s latest flagship VR headset, the HTC Vive. Harmon apparently tried various experiences on the new hardware at a Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland’s house, but the one that had the most impact on him seems to be Owlchemy Labs‘ forthcoming Job Simulator.

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Roiland has recently indicated he may be working on various, unnamed VR projects using Valve’s new virtual reality system. He recently revealed via twitter that he was working on ‘several VR video games’ – although no details are yet forthcoming. However, a reddit post from virtual reality and SFX production company StressLevelZero corroborated this with a mysterious VR doodle apparently sketched by Roiland.

Harmon is hilariously giddy when attempting (and largely failing) to describe his experiences, set inside a virtual kitchen in which he apparently was tasked with making soup, starting around 7m into the ‘cast. “VR technology is here Jeff, it’s here,” Harmon proclaims “Valve has won, they’ve crossed the finish line first in the first leg of the race to make consumer level VR amazing.” Praise indeed. Going on, he attempts to elucidate “I’ve tried all the other shit,” he says “I put on the goddamn helmet and I was … in a virtual reality”. When pushed on where he was, virtually he pronounces “…you’re standing in a kitchen and, I’m tellin’ you, you make soup”. Bottom line, he likes it – a lot.

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So the folks at Owlchemy are probably feeling a little smug right now as it’s a great endorsement of both VR in general and the HTC Vive itself. The Vive is thought to be scheduled for release towards the end of this year in limited numbers.

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