Team Shooter ‘Contractors’ Releases on Oculus Quest, Trailer Here


Contractors (2018), the team-based competitive multiplayer shooter, is finally available on the Oculus Store for Quest.

The game, which has been available on the PC VR platform for two years now, first launched on Steam and then on Oculus Store for Rift, in the process generating user positive reviews across both storefronts.

Contractors also spent the last six months in open beta on Quest via SideQuest, the unofficial app store for Quest, however now the game is officially available in the Oculus Store for Quest. This includes cross-buy with the Rift version, which is priced at $20.

With the release on Quest, there’s a notable (if not predictable) lowering of texture quality, although its developers Caveman Studio assure users that it’s retained the same gameplay and full-body inverse kinematics (IK). Here’s a few screenshots from the new Quest version:

Contractors boasts casual and competitive gameplay modes across a variety of maps, which feature a rich mix of indoor and outdoors spaces. It also features both offline and online PvE missions, and over 30 different weapons to choose from.

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Alongside its release on Quest comes an update to the PC VR version too which includes a new mission, playable both solo or for up to four players. This brings the game’s total missions to eight, featuring four different objectives.

Caveman Studio say more co-op and single-player missions are on the way, which also includes new maps. According to an Oculus blog post, talks are also apparently ongoing about whether to bring mod features to the Quest version of the game too, which would let players create their own game modes, maps, and weapon loadouts.

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  • Man, the textures in Quest 1/2 games just constantly let me down. If they can’t get much better than I’d rather developers stopped trying to do “realism” on the device and instead used more stylized and simple, clean visuals that actually play to its strengths better. A game like Superhot VR for example looks like it will look just as good on Quest 1/2 as it would if it were on PC VR. But this game, and quite a few other games on Quest 1/2, just look visually below par imo–because developers keep trying to go for “realism” on a device that clearly cannot handle it.

    • NL_VR

      I know what you mean, it doesnt look good on pictures and flat videos.
      But ingame i think it really doesnt matter, at least not in this kind of game, which i think is not so realistic not on pc or quest.

      • Nah, I mean in-game. I have the new Star Wars game for Quest 2 and it just doesn’t look great imo. Maybe it’s because I’m coming from Rift CV1 and PC VR, but it just looks I’m stepping back and couple of graphical generations or running a game on the lowest settings, and having a higher screen resolution doesn’t compensate for that imo, particularly on the Quest 2 where this is also offset further by that really low contrast ratio and no true blacks. I’m disappointed to be honest.

        • gothicvillas

          But quest is mobile vr… what did you expect?

          • Significantly better textures.

            And, in terms of the headset itself, higher contrast and darker blacks, a bigger sweet spot, and a slightly wider field of view.

        • Betty Osteen

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    • Lulu Vi Britannia

      Since when do graphics matter in a FPS? Hell, since when do graphics matter at all? Seriously, this same argument has been used to trash PCVR too, it’s just retarded, especially in the case of FPS where “high-end graphics” are just distracting.

      Also, bad graphics is more of a case of bad optimization than it is of headset performance. Red Matter, Dash Dash World, Vader Immortal, Echo:VR, The Room, they have very good graphics.

      • This isn’t about graphics; it’s about art/visuals. You probably don’t know the difference though–right.

        • Lulu Vi Britannia

          Right, ’cause both aren’t related at all. I agree about the difference between the technical aspect and the artistic aspect though… and I still stand that it’s a retarded complaint. It’s very well known that “beautiful graphics” are only distracting in a FPS, and if graphics were really important, you wouldn’t use VR, because the technical limitations of graphics do impact its artistic aspect.

  • Krozin

    Does this crossplay between quest 2 and pc?

    • Baldrickk

      Yes. Though it doesn’t currently support games with mods enabled.

  • Fra FazioxTx

    It is very laggy and choppy for me. It stutters a lot. How is it possible ? Oculus Quest 2 stand alone no Oculus Link. I have installed and then the update and it is stuttering and laggish. Do you have the same issue ?