The Oculus Quest version of Survios’ popular boxing game, CREED: Rise to Glory, just got an exclusive update, which removes the game’s Virtual Stamina system and lets you box at full speed for maximum physical intensity.

Aptly named ‘Endurance Mode’, Survios designed the update to be used with Quest’s Oculus Move function, which lets players track burned calories and the duration of physical activity while setting daily fitness goals.

If you haven’t played around with Oculus Move yet, it’s time to get calorie counting. Simply look for Oculus Move in your Library, and go through a short set-up experience to define your Move goals.

In addition to bringing some visual enhancements for the Quest 2 version (improved textures, render resolution, shadows), Survios says all players will be able to scale opponent difficulty to get the best workout you can handle.

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CREED: Rise to Glory already offers up some pretty intense arcade action, so it’s good to see such a well-designed boxing game head more into simulation territory by truly letting you box ’til you drop. Outside of training at high intensity, you can also play the game’s fairly short campaign, freeplay, and online PvP mode.

You can find CREED: Rise to Glory on the Oculus Quest Store for $30.

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  • Mettanine

    So Facebook is now finding ways to get exclusive features even in already established games. Any reason this is not simultaneously releasing on the Steam version as well? It being tied to Oculus move is probably the official reason it can only be on Quest. Give me a break.

    By the way, I’d have expected the article to at least mention if and when it comes to Steam (or why not).

    • IanTH

      Crazy thing is it isn’t even coming to the Oculus desktop client either. So it isn’t just Oculus exclusive, it’s Quest exclusive. This appears to be happening more often, which actually makes me less inclined to buy a Quest than more. There’s no technical reason to lock it out of PC, so there’s nothing to really stop them from doing that on any of their platforms moving forward which…hey, that’s a choice.

  • Juan Ritz

    It should have shipped with this mode all along. Forcing artificial stamina in a boxing game is/was a comical misstep. Obviously, there are sure to be flocks of people who like the original setup, but it’s certainly not for me or anyone who takes boxing or cardio even a little bit seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that they’ve added it and I’ll check it out, but TotF took the VR boxing crown years ago due to how hard Survios decided to lean in the arcade direction.

    • Ida Isaacs

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  • Pablo C

    Boxing and cardio, for real: only on “Thrill of the fight” IMO.