The Cyberith Virtualizer Comes to the US for the First Time for Live Demonstrations


Silicon Valley Virtual Reality and Road to VR today announced a special event featuring the debut of the Virtualizer and accompanying technology from the virtual reality ecosystem. The Virtualizer has achieved its goal on Kickstarter with over 25 days remaining in the campaign. Based on its third generation design, the Virtualizer is the first to offer 360 degree tangle-free rotation and a vertical free-motion ring for full freedom of movement in VR. Representatives from Cyberith, SVVR, and Road to VR will be onhand along with partners and friends.

For more information and to join the free event register online.

About Cyberith

Cyberith is an Austrian startup company founded by Tuncay Cakmak and Holger Hager, specializing in affordable virtual reality hardware solutions for private and professional applications. The Virtualizer is now on Kickstarter.

About SVVR

SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) is a fast-growing group of developers, entrepreneurs, hackers, and artists, with an infectious enthusiasm for exploring the possibilities, opportunities, and impact of consumer Virtual Reality.

About Road to VR

Started in 2011, Road to VR is a respected name in the virtual reality community and is the #1 independent site dedicated to VR news.

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  • sponge101

    This is great news. However, it would be even better if Omni decided to do a live demo as well so people can see them working side by side and judge each on their own merits. It would certainly help people who are on-the-fence decide which to buy.