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Tonight, Monday the 28th of July at 8pm PDT (11pm EDT), I will be live streaming my first moments with the Oculus Rift DK2. You can catch the livestream and live chat here:

The live stream will be an open forum for questions about the DK2 unit, as well as a live exploration of the DK2 setup, software, and early demos.

I look forward to seeing you on the stream tonight!

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  • ggodin

    Monday* the 28th of July :-)

    • Ben Lang

      Fixed, thank you!

  • Peter73

    Ground UPS? I got status “Shipped” on 25th and delivery for 7/30

  • sponge101

    Bruce is so excited that he got the date wrong — true vr fan. Can’t wait for the stream.

    • Ben Lang

      Oh boy, this was my fault actually. You know you’ve been busy when the days start mashing together -_-. Fixed it, thanks : ).

  • VMU

    What a cool dude! That was a great show

  • sponge101

    The stream was a bit… unstable. But hey, considering it was live and we’re all basically beta testing anyway it was a pretty enlightening episode.

  • Zagarolo3D

    Dear Leonardo,

    Your order #JK-0140691 has been shipped.

    Please click the following link(s) to access the tracking information:

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    UPS 1Z87911F6842454264 View Tracking Info


    You can visit Oculus Order Tracker for more details about your order.

    The Oculus Team


  • Zagarolo3D

    I receive it on Thursday during the day

  • Zagarolo3D