VR vs. PC Combat Game ‘DAVIGO’ Coming to Quest and Steam Next Week


DAVIGO, the asymmetric VR/PC battle game in testing since 2020, is getting ready to release on Quest and PC VR headsets starting next week.

The David vs. Goliath-inspired combat game lets VR players take on the role of a massive giant who must defeat up to four pint-sized PC players armed with rockets. The little knights can run, fly, shoot, and block incoming missiles. Meanwhile, the VR headset-using Giant can pound the ground, rip trees and stones from the earth, and throw everything.

Now indie developer Davigo Studio say it’s coming November 29th, with the latest version set to expand on previous alpha releases. This includes updated art, four game modes, seven official maps, mod.io support to download custom maps created with the Davigo Editor, and a range of new mechanics for more balanced, competitive play.

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What’s more, PC players will be able to play for free by downloading the Davigo Knights Pass, which will be available on Steam.

Davigo is set to launch on Steam Early Access for PC VR, and through the official Meta Store for Quest. The studio isn’t considering next week’s release the “full version” of the game however, which is said to come sometime in early 2024.

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  • Arno van Wingerde

    Acknowledgement: the graphics are provided by the pupils of kindergarten “the Rainbow”. Why are so many games still look like they are aimed at 6 year old kids when the minimum age of the Quest is 10?

  • Andrew Jakobs

    I do hope they also have a single playermode through bots. These multiplayer only games, VR vs PC/mobile, tend to die out very soon.

  • Finally! The community has been waiting this game for a long time…

    • Baldrickk

      I wish them luck – I first heard about this back in 2020, I think. And there are 36,000 members of their discord…