Daydream View Gets Its First TV Commercials


With Google’s Pixel phone out the door, the first Daydream-ready phone, the company is now ramping up to launch Daydream View, the first Daydream-ready VR headset. The device is making a cameo alongside the first cable TV ads for Pixel.

Daydream View launches on November 10th for $79. With it, Google promises a new level of virtual reality performance from Android, that which greatly surprases the company’s Cardboard initiative.

Hands on With Google's Daydream View Headset (Video)

Pixel is Google’s first fully self-branded phone, and they’re going big with it, now serving commercials across a wide range of media, including adverts running on major TV networks. While the commercials focus largely on the Pixel, Daydream and VR do get their moment in the spotlight (even if it’s fleeting in a 30 or 60 second commercial).

In the first commercial (heading this article), we briefly see the Pixel inserted into the Daydream View while the narrator tells us that the phone is capable of a “stunning VR experience.” Maybe I’m reading a little too much into this, but the actress that dons the headset sounds genuinely surprised when she says “how is this possible!” compared to other lines delivered by the characters in the commercial. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think it might have been the first time she saw VR and that was her real reaction.

The second commercial (above) is largely text-based, so we don’t see the headset itself, but among the qualities highlighted is that the Pixel is “built from scratch for VR.”

Free Daydream View Headset Bundled With Pixel Pre-orders

Interestingly, both spots refer to it as “VR” and not “virtual reality.” This suggests Google aims to appeal to those who already know what VR is rather than trying to introduce the concept anew; probably a good idea given the scarcity of airtime for TV commercials.

It’s a good thing for the broader virtual reality industry that Daydream is getting some airtime in a mass media ad campaign like this because it helps the mainstream slowly begin to familiarize themselves with this cutting edge technology.

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  • DiGiCT Ltd

    @Ben Lang , It is for sure a good thing to have commercials about it as more people will become familiar with it.
    If something be broadcasted a lot people more easy adapt to it and see it as something that is very common.

    Why they use “VR” instead of Virtual Reality is also more easy to explain.
    As we live in a more global society now a days, it is hard to let people remember the word “Virtual reality” especialy when your not native english, in the old way people will have a translated version of the meaning which makes it feel as something different.
    VR however is easy to remember as it is short and does not need any translation for it .

    A similar thing will be for AR, instead of augmented reality.

    Using those short terms makes it more easy in this world, only technical people and the ones want to know more detail will go for the full naming, most people want just something simple to be related to something in their daily life.

    Naming it VR and AR is therefor a logical and smart move too ;-)

  • fredphoesh

    I have The XL and the Daydream on pre-order … Can’t wait.

    • beestee

      I have an XL and I am waiting for the email for the free Daydream View, I am 2 weeks into the 4-week wait for the voucher.

    • Mike Upton

      Just got the email saying I should expect my Daydream View within 14 days! Can’t wait! Also have the Pixel XL. Love this thing.