Turin, Italy-based developer Enea Le Fons is aiming to spend more than 30 days of extended stints in VR, and although he won’t be able to qualify for any records—he’s still eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom sans headset—Le Fons is hoping to use his time in VR to explore its long-term effects while developing applications he says will help make “VR an essential part of our daily life.”

Le Fons started his 30-day challenge shortly after the release of Steven Spielberg’s film Ready Player One (2018), and although he’s nearing the end of his full 30 days, according to a SkarredGhost exclusive, he’s adding on another 15-30 days of multi-hour stints immersed in VR. It’s a bit of a solo-hackathon to come up with ideas related to a person’s normal activities like sitting, chatting, and even going to the dance club.

In effort to make his life easier in the some 7 to 16-hour sessions split between an HTC Vive, Vive Focus, and the new HTC Vive Pro, Le Fons completely ‘digitized’ his entire apartment using photogrammetry, and even created individual captures of things like chairs, tables and dishware. Importing it all into Tilt Brush (2016), Le Fons is able to make art in a sort of virtual-augmented version of the studio.

It isn’t all just Tilt Brush creations though; Le Fons also attached Vive Trackers to his physical furniture, making it possible to simply grab a chair and sit in it while in VR, or even operate his turntable to listen to music. A VR-tracked Roomba seemed like a perfect fit for Vive Tracker too.

image courtesy Enea Le Fons

Since he has a complete 3D model of his studio, he’s also spliced them into Unreal Engine prototypes using the Unreal Engine VR Editor. Simply put, he can work on VR projects while inside VR in a digital version of his house.

When not throwing the model of his apartment directly into his creations and developing from within his virtual-augmented reality space, Le Fons used the time to prototype 3D furniture that could be later laser-cut and realized in the physical world, and a martial arts/yoga experience he used to practice MMA and for his Hatha Yoga routines. Using a Beatmix DJ console, two Vive trackers, Ableton Live and Unreal Engine’s MIDI in-out capabilities, he also tinkered with performing a DJ set in VR.

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Using Mozilla’s A-frame, Le Fons also experimented with creating a multi-user environment that worked completely through the web. “The first results are very promising, even if the un-ripeness of the A-frame framework didn’t allow to create a perfectly usable and stable experience just yet,” Le Fons said.

Taking his Vive Focus to a dance club with a prototype sound-reactive music experience, he says he’s “confident more development and design will likely make this app a commercial and cultural hit.”

image courtesy Enea Le Fons

Le Fons’ 30-day challenge isn’t the usual dash to post a new world record; it’s been more about finding a reason to stay in VR and live there comfortably. We’re hoping to see the fruits of his labor sometime soon, as he says they will be open-sourced to share with the greater VR community.

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  • impurekind

    That’s pretty cool.

  • jj

    I like how he spent time in unreal engine builder. It’s cool to think about what you could build in 30 days if thats all you had to do.

    • Samantha

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  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    30 days wearing the least comfortable HMDs on the market. That must be painful.

    • VirtualRealityNation

      FYI. the vive pro is significantly more comfortable then the old vive.

      • jj

        Jean is a troll from various other vr sites. He must have a pretty shitty life if this is his entertainment, we feel bad for him.

        He has other names too like fuyou2 and is pretty much the only troll around here. idk why the mods dont ban his accounts. because he has spread racist and hate speech on this website before.

        One day were all gona find him in vr and repay him for being annoying

  • Nathanael Mooth

    This is something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now too. Still a bit too expensive for me to try yet though.

  • He’ll “practice MMA and Hatha Yoga” well tracking his Turntable and Roomba. The Roomba makes sense, but the turntable? Does he think the turntable is going to wander off well spinning in place? And, of course, he’s thinks he’s a DJ as well. I’m willing to bet there’s a trust-fund somewhere. The only thing he doesn’t need to model virtually is his doucheness. That’s 100% authentic.

  • Henree

    the guy does not have a job?

    • It works for Epic Games, Enterprise sector. He halted to do this performance

      • I worked for Epic Enterprise, now I’m happily living out of extreme independent XR Research and Development

  • brubble

    I foresee laser eye surgery and migraines….and he’d better have a bidet.

  • A great performance… and it is great to see my name again on this magazine!

  • McGamer

    So apparently he didn’t make it to day 30, the channel has been taken down.

  • Hello fellow Cybernauts!
    It was an amazing experience, and very productive:
    Each day I created different worlds and app prototypes… and after some polishing, I started releasing the apps people liked the most:

    DAY31 BEAT REALITY https://www.facebook.com/beatrealityXR/

    Inspired by wearing a Vive Focus while clubbing, this sound reactive XR App filters the world around you and transforms it in a Sound Reactive Immersive Lightshow. Available on Vive Focus. Developed in collab with SkarredGhost


    A full-body cyber-workout Infinite Runner, adapting to your style of play and time you spend in VR.
    The app is designed to put minimal strain on eyes, keep the point of focus natural…. and train people to gradually spend longer sessions in VR.
    Available on Vive Focus

    DAY17ish – Building a pleasant life on Mars in VR

    This was one of the hardest:
    I composed and shot this video in VR in the Unreal Engine !!!! (https://youtu.be/tADAXCq72yI)

    This is the backstage: https://youtu.be/-DutXXJ4mcE