Wargaming—the company behind free-to-play titles World of Tanks (2010), World of Warplanes (2013), and World of Warships (2015)—has announced development of a new title, World of Tanks VR, under development for deployment into VR arcades.

While the original World of Tanks itself isn’t getting VR support (at least for now), the company has announced the formation of Neurogaming, a new VR studio that’s a joint venture between Wargaming and VRTech, a Russia-based VR developer.

As part of its work on CinemaVR, a “scalable, location-based entertainment VR solution focused on session-based multiplayer and co-op games,” which will be offered as white-label VR arcade for those who want to operate their own business, Neurogaming is developing World of Tanks VR, which will be offered through the CinemaVR locations.

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World of Tanks VR is based on the World of Tanks IP, but as we understand, it will be an entirely separate game that’s specially designed for location-based VR arcades.

“With location-based VR, we make the experience more affordable and accessible,” says Slava Makarov, World of Tanks creator and strategic advisor of Neurogaming. “Moreover, unlike any other developer, our biggest aim is to change the experience from one-time involvement to a long-term engaging story with co-op and competitive elements.”

Nerogaming is also undertaking the development of VRTech’s Polygon VR platform, a VR attraction offering full-body immersion similar to The VOID, Zero Transform, and others.

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  • Peter Laurent

    So if I want to play this I can’t use my own Vive or even play it at my local VR arcade, I’ll have to go a a CinemaVR arcade in Russia… yeah that’s real affordable and accessible. Hopefully this gets a wider release eventually

    • Holly

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    • Raphael

      Given wot is a PC game it would be incredibly dumb to restrict it to arcades. As you say… how many will have access to an arcade? I have VR at home so I don’t have to go to arcades. VR arcades are good for the VR industry but they can’t rightfully restrict a game that began life on PC to the arcades.