‘DOOM 3’ Rips onto PSVR This Month in Special ‘VR Edition’, Trailer Here


Bethesda announced that a VR version of DOOM 3 (2004) is coming to PSVR later this month. The game is said to be developed for PS4, however it features backwards compatibility with PS5.

DOOM 3 VR Edition is said to launch on March 29th, 2021, coming exclusively to PSVR.

The game is slated to support PSVR’s Aim controller, and will also include the original’s expansions, the Lost Mission and Resurrection of Evil.

Chances are Doom 3 VR Edition probably isn’t coming to other headsets. Both PCVR and Oculus Quest have rich modding communities which have already ported the 2004 classic to their respective platforms, a luxury PSVR owners obviously haven’t had.

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Still, it will be interesting to see what Bethesda has done to make it feel more like a contemporary refresh instead of a straight port.

Bethesda says in a blogpost the game is getting “all-new VR enhancements that allow you to peer around corners, angling your shots with flashlight-mounted weapons using motion controls, 180-degree quick-turn functionality to catch demons sneaking up from behind and an immersive wrist-mounted display to track your health, armor and ammo.”

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  • I’m glad to see at least that it looks like they have made a substantive investment in quality-of-life UX improvements, so it doesn’t feel thrown together. Using the gun controller peripheral thing must feel pretty cool. I just can’t believe how much Bethesda is trying to squeeze every last penny they can out of this 17 year old game. Then again, it is an important little piece of VR history, and I suppose there probably is a fairly large market segment of people who have PSVR but have never played Doom 3 in VR. The problem is just that it’s a far less fun game now than it was in 2004; it has aged
    The Resurrection of Evil expansion pack was great though!

    • Nicholas

      Got it on quest for 2 bucks. It will be interesting to see what they will charge psvr owners.

    • Rosko

      Has it aged terribly in VR though? I think it looks like it could be similar to compound but with progression. I didn’t like doom vfr much this seems more like what people wanted. I really happy to see Bethesda converting old games to VR I just hope they do for PCVR.

      • Considering their abysmal track record with VR titles so far, I would keep expectations low. IMO Bethesda is demonstrating exactly how not to make VR “ports” to any AAA that wants to take the same approach. VFR, Fallout, Skyrim, all pretty wretched and sloppy retrofits that are more appropriate for a somewhat-involved community mod than one of the biggest studios in the world’s perspective on VR. I’m personally in camp “never think of any game in terms of making a VR port”, but I certainly think it can be done well. But they haven’t done it well yet!

        • Mark_Henning

          This time the studio that did Triton Freedive VR did the port. Maybe better than bethesda itself.

        • Jorge Gustavo

          I agree. I bought Doom VFR and Skyrim … regretted it. I played and have some fun with these games but … they are not true VR ports. I won’t buy any new VR ports from Bethesda.

    • PerpetuallySkeptical

      I’m assuming that most people who bought the Aim rifle will buy almost any game that supports it.

      • Alexisms

        Why do you assume that?

        • OdinTheOdious

          Because they are perpetually skeptical

          • Alexisms

            I think it’s just his homelife isn’t very good so putting down others makes him feel better about himself. But I’m just guessing.

          • Man’s Ruin

            Maybe, but it seems more likely that he was making a comment on the relative paucity of games that use the Ailm controller, let alone those that use it well, rather than just trolling. It’s a moderately pricey little peripheral and the people who purchase it want to be able to use it.

    • Gamer1st1

      I can assure you you’re correct about the Aim controller. It’s great on it’s own, (I’d love to mod it into Pc for my Index) but Index shooters have so many different control options on guns it makes setup on every different gun a challenge.
      The Aim is much better with a stock attachment btw. Feels really natural. I call mine my “electric disco gun”.

  • LoL, really? PSVR? The crooks holding on to the game must have gotta hella jealous that emulated versions were leaving them in the dust. Carmack wanted to release it for the Oculus years ago! They just saw all of those dollar signs from Facebook and held on to it, thinking they’d get some HUGE payday down the line.

    Now if only the same thing would happen to Tobii, the money-grubbing crooks that hold all of the eye tracking patents. They’ve been withholding eye tracking hardware from most VR headsets, waiting for some huge billion-dollar payday from Facebook. Facebook isn’t paying out and nobody else can afford them! If they’d just be even remotely reasonable, we’d all have eye tracking now and they’d have earned millions legitimately. It’s all just silly greed.

    • Wild Dog

      Mhm. Preach it brother!

    • Pablo C

      This is why the patent system is idiotic and must be destroyed.

      • Sharon Herbert

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  • Pablo C

    Is this coming to PC VR at some point?

    • Bumpy

      It already can be played on PC, look up Doom 3 BFG VR.

      You may want to play Dead Effect 2 VR instead, it is pretty Doom3’ish.

  • Cragheart

    Imagine playing DOOM 3 in lower resolution in 2021 than you played it in 2004 XD. That’s PS VR for ya, lol.