Doom VFR, Id Software’s made-for-VR Doom franchise game, is launching soon on PSVR and HTC Vive via Steam. PSVR users better dust off their PS Aim controllers from the last time they played Farpoint (2017) though, because Doom VFR is putting its iconic guns in your own two hands.

playing Farpoint with PS Aim

Bethesda, Id Software’s parent company, confirmed with us that the game will support DualShock, PS Move, and PS Aim at a special Sony event yesterday, and gave Road to VR executive editor Ben Lang a chance to go hands-on with the PS Aim integration. Lang says that the newfound ease in two-handed shooting was a clear highlight.

Compared to playing Doom VFR with motion controllers, I quite preferred the feel of the PS Aim controller which brings more intuitive aiming and makes wielding some of the game’s massive two-handed weapons, like the Plasma Rifle, feel far more natural. Holding a weapon like the Plasma Rifle in a single hand hand (with Move controllers) just feels wrong from an immersion standpoint since (in VR) it lacks the mass implied by its form.

Although Lang calls its game engine “well suited from a performance standpoint for Doom’s classic speedy gameplay,” there are a few niggling bits that may take some time to get used to when moving around the virtual hellscape with Aim.

In my time with the game I felt like the supremely awkward control scheme on the PS Aim controller—which equally blends buttons, sticks, head aiming, and controller aiming—prevented me from feeling in tune with the fluid gameplay pace that the developers are trying to build. Sure, more time with the game would make me more capable with the controls, but there’s an immersion penalty for unintuitive interactions in VR, and it felt like a total overhaul of the user interaction design would greatly benefit the game.

To its credit, according to Lang, Doom VFR “looks absolutely gorgeous on PlayStation VR, easily qualifying as one of the system’s best looking titles.”

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We first saw Doom VFR at E3 2016 where it was featured alongside Bethesda’s other big release heading to headsets soon, Fallout 4 VR (Skyrim VR was announced a year later). Doom VFR represents Bethesda’s/id’s first made-for-VR title which doesn’t retroactively support VR headsets. The story is a unique addition to Doom (2016) that lets you play as a cybernetic survivor who is activated by the UAC to fight the demon invasion, maintain order, and prevent catastrophic failure at the Mars facility.

Doom VFR is launching December 1st, and we’ll be bringing you our review then, so set your calendars for what promises to be the hottest winter on record.

Update (11/01/17): It was originally stated in a previous version of this article that ‘Doom VFR’ was heading to Rift. While the Steam version will likely include preliminary access to Rift-owners thanks to SteamVR, the listing makes no such claim.

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  • impurekind

    Eh, since when was this officially launching for Oculus Rift?

    I mean, I really want it to come to Rift, but I thought it wasn’t because of the whole legal battle with ZeniMax and Oculus/Facebook.

    • Cristianfx

      yes, since when? wasnt PSVR and then VIVE?

  • Gary Moran

    Sounds weird that the control scheme is off, with games like Farpoint and Arizona Sunshine the Aim is simply so immersive and controls very naturally. I’m guessing that some of the dashes are still assigned to buttons; is the 2nd gun in play with head aiming?

    Fingers crossed they have plenty of Aim control options; Aim and Doom should be a match made in heaven.

    • TheBusterMan

      They should update it,like Arizona Sunshine.That was bad implementation at first,but it’s good now with the updates.

      • RFC_VR

        It can easily be patched if the community lets the developer know loudly enough ;)

    • RFC_VR

      Farpoint with Aim very impressive, no issues with tracking during my frantic demo session.

  • Knightmare25

    “PSVR users better dust off their PS Aim controllers from the last time they played Farpoint (2017)”

    Why do VR dedicated sites shit on PSVR? There’s a bunch of games that support the aim since Farpoint. The majority of traffic to your site is probably PSVR users. Without PSVR, the VR industry would fail, and you guys would be out of jobs.

    • silvaring

      Because some of us want updated tracking cameras and controllers and are not prepared to glare over its massive shortcomings… not sure why you’re being so melodramatic.

      • Knightmare25

        The hell does that have to do with what I said?

        • silvaring

          Dude. You’re making yourself look a bit silly. Read my comment and if you don’t understand just forget about it.

          • Knightmare25

            I did read it, and it was irrelevant to my statement.

      • kool

        The aim has been on point for me what shortcomings willis? It is by far the best choice for fps!

    • benz145

      Many of the PSVR aim supported games available today beyond Farpoint were previously launched on other VR platforms, so not exactly new. That said, we’re looking forward to Doom and Bravo team with Aim support.

      • Knightmare25

        Well they may not be new to you, but they’re new to PSVR users, and the aim is only on PSVR, so the games being on other platforms is kind of a moot point since they aren’t compatible with the aim.

      • Stefan Eckhardt

        Not exactly new? Other platforms? Do you really expect a meaningful percentage of PSVR owners to also have a Vive or Rift? Maybe you are out of touch with reality because where you work those things lie around in heaps.

        In the past I grew to like your site exactly because you weren’t as snobbish as other VR sites, maybe that changed somewhere somehow.

    • kool

      The aim will get its due by chrima. It doesn’t have the res of other sets but the hate just makes its better when people actually try it.

    • Stefan Eckhardt

      I absolutely second that feeling. PSVR has tracking issues, there’s no denying that. But every platform has its drawbacks, and it’s very very far from unplayable.

  • kool

    Why doesn’t anybody do an aim move combo for dual wielding?

    • Andrew Geczy

      I don’t have mine yet (it’s in the mail) but if you can one hand the aim, then a move aim combo would be amazing. Why not? I totally just googled that and found your post. It’s a good idea sir.

      • kool

        You can one hand the aim in Farpoint but you have to physically turn because the other stick is in rhe front but it works. Maybe map turning to rhe move.

        • Andrew Geczy

          Not a problem for me, I have my camera on high giving me nearly 360 tracking.

          • kool

            Ill have to look at the options for my camera.

  • oompah

    Look like I$raelis after WW3
    Hah ha


    devono mettere movimento fluido e no solo teletrasporto!!!

    • Evgeni Zharsky



        prima di tutto e dopo teletrasporto!io non soffro di motion sicknes e non voglio per colpa di altri dovermi rovinare il gioco con teletrasporto!BASTA!

  • I just played DOOM VFR with the Aim controller and the gamepad, yesterday, and the Aim controller felt BAD. It was clumsy and somehow off center. In Farpoint it was really, REALLY good, but now that the game is out, I think it’s clear Sony hasn’t done a very good job in telling developers how to use it right.