Dungeons of Eternity (2023), the VR hack-n-slash adventure, has big plans for post-launch content, as developers Othergate announced its roadmap for the next year.

Released on Quest in October, Dungeons of Eternity includes both co-op and solo gameplay, pitting you against ever-changing dungeons with up to three other players.

The game’s randomly-generated dungeons also include multiple game modes and realms, featuring stuff like combat arenas, puzzles, trap rooms, secret chambers, and more—basically everything you’d expect from a DnD-style VR game.

At any rate, that’s what the game launched with a little over a month ago, but now the studio says it has a bunch of new content on the horizon, as the studio released a roadmap projecting clear out to the end of next year. Check it out below:

Image courtesy Othergate

Studio co-founder Ryan Rutherford also says in a recent Reddit AMA that the team has a “precise vision of creating a long-lasting VR experience you can enjoy with your friends or by yourself,” noting that the studio is entertaining a host of other improvements beyond those mentioned above.

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You can find it on the Meta Store for Quest, priced at $30. At the time of this writing, Dungeons of Eternity is sporting a [4.65/5] user rating.

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  • Marcelo Collar

    Best game on Quest imho.

    • Terendir

      Nah not really. Contentwise this game is just totally underwhelming. The concept, gameplay and mechanics are great, but 3 map types and all repetitive? The developer needs to deliver much more content to make this game worthwhile for a longer time.

      • I’m seeing a few rooms now I haven’t seen before.. but yah.. it needs WAY more rooms in the future!

  • Maybe, in the future, they could make women look like women? I kid you not, I accidentally started the game as a woman and played 14 hours before I noticed my character wasn’t a man. She just looked like a youthful guy.

    The only thing that tipped me off was one (Just ONE) head I earned had red lips and I couldn’t find any beard options. The fact that every outfit was flat chested and most of the heads were somewhat burly didn’t help at all. My friend’s wife has played at least 20 hours and finally got an outfit that makes her clearly look like a woman.

    I can understand they don’t want to tart-up the women, like most JRPG’s, but is it ok for women to look like women? Are we so anti-sexist that now women aren’t allowed to exist at all??

    • Naruto Uzumaki

      who let you out of the kitchen

    • gothicvillas

      Have you seen today’s women? They look exactly as game portrays them.

    • NL_VR

      Interesting take

  • Ardra Diva

    Gonna have to try this. Still blown away by the AR “home invasion” mode of Drop Dead: The Cabin. Can’t recommend that highly enough for Quest 3. You’re truly seeing that first big example of next-generation entertainment.