Meta announced it’s now rolling out its v64 software update for Quest, which the company says features key improvements to passthrough quality on Quest 3, support for external mics, and a few other bits and bobs.

In update v64, Meta says we’re getting higher-fidelity passthrough on Quest 3, which is said to improve color, exposure, contrast, and dynamic range. If you were a part of the public test channel (PTC), you might have noticed some marked improvements already.

“Taken together, these improvements should make it easier to, for instance, see fine details (i.e. phone notifications and other small text) without removing your headset. Passthrough is also less grainy in low-light conditions, which should be helpful for late-night gaming,” Meta says in its v64 announcement.

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Granted, like all of its other Quest updates, the company is rolling out v64 over the next few weeks. Among them is the addition of support for external microphones, which is a welcome sight for users who prefer professional-grade audio.

Another improvement coming to v64 includes the missed lying down mode functionality for Quest 3, which previously launched on Quest 2 and Quest Pro in v63.

It’s also set to feature continuous casting on Quest, which means you can remove your headset while casting and it won’t stop a casting session—letting you take a break from VR for things like grabbing a drink or chatting with friends without automatically interrupting the stream.

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  • ViRGiN

    Finally, lying down mode- I need to get me saved up for a Quest 3, so I can pretend to have sex on Friday nights whilst watching VR dirty movies, and definitely not stick my bits between the cushions in my bedroom to give them a good pounding instead.

    • ViRGiN

      I’m just waiting for SteamVR 3.0, should make my high-end PCVR Gorilla Tag $20 experience much more aligned with what I’m already getting with VR Chat and full booty tracking with my homie madly its bradley.

    • xyzs

      You are very thorough about how disturbed you are.
      That’s some nice progress. Your shrink must be half proud.

  • I want to test the better passthrough… people in the PTC are writing enthusiastic things about it on reddit

    • Octogod

      Quest 3 passthrough is damn impressive enough, compared to Q2. Can’t wait to try the update!

  • Andrey

    I really want to see and salty talk to all those people on Reddit who were spitting acid on anyone who dared to say that Q3 passthrough is not good [enough] (especially compared to crystal clear promotional videos and also based on people experiences with different headsets and thus different passthrough quality on each headset).
    “It’s all about LIGHTING, get BETTER LIGHTING (like in my 100500$ studio) – and it will get JUST AS CLEAR as it’s in the videos!” (c)
    …and now Meta officially upgrade the passthrough… And Boz even said that “it can get [incrementally] better with next updates!”… So it can be fixed on software side after all and it’s not only about good lighting of home environment?!
    NO WAY!
    Anyway, personally I don’t use passthough that much so it won’t affect me at all. But still getting it fixed is surely nice for some users who use it.

    • ViRGiN

      Reddit is too toxic even for me.
      Zero value related to vr – constant shilling for buying on steam, “which headset is best for full body tracking for playing gaymes like vrchat on a budget”, should i UPGRADE to valve index, half life alyx on sale, Zuckerberg bad haha, excellent steam customer service, horrible Meta customer service, pcvr devs linking to their game that interests noone..

      • xyzs

        Reddit too toxic for you ? lol

        Don’t flatter yourself, everybody is nicer and saner than you are there.

      • Hatori Hanzo

        you got a full body trackin?

  • Ardra Diva

    Quest 3 is the best visor yet made. It’s not the highest resolution, lowest weight, or widest field of view, but the sum total is greater than the others, it’s got the total package that the others are still struggling to accomplish.