Back a Oculus Connect last year, the company teased an upcoming Oculus exclusive game developed Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Titanfall and Titanfall 2, which has since been acquired by EA. The title, which has yet to see a formal announcement, appears to be poised for FPS action when it launches in 2019.

While VR is certainly suited to doing more than just shooters, it seems that Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming VR game is going to stay true to the studio’s speciality, and aim for an FPS combat experience.

Job listings for Respawn Entertainment refer to the title only as “Unannounced VR game,” and characterize it a “AAA VR shooter game” and a “combat VR game.” Several of the listings seek candidates whose “prior experience on an FPS title is ideal,” with one listing looking for someone “experience[d] with first person weapons and full body animations.”

Listings for the title span Art, Game Design, Software Development, and Quality Verification; 14% of Respawn’s 35 current job listings are for the studio’s Unannounced VR game. All positions are for the studio’s LA location.

Little is known about the game to date, though we hope to get some details at Oculus Connect 2018 coming up in late September. Back during the initial tease from Oculus Connect 2017, Respawn Game Director Peter Hirschmann confirmed that the title is not related to Titanfall or Star Wars (both of which the studio is working on for separate projects).

Respawn Entertainment was acquired last year by EA, just a month after Oculus announced that it planned to publish an Oculus exclusive made by the studio, however both Respawn and Oculus have said that the acquisition won’t have any impact on the project coming to fruition.

'Marvel Powers United' is One of Oculus Studios' Biggest Content Investments Yet

Depending upon the success of Respawn’s VR project, the acquisition could potentially act as a trojan horse for getting EA more involved with VR. The massive publisher hasn’t delved deeply into the young tech—there’s not VR game to date that’s reeled in enough revenue to be more than a drop in the bucket for EA’s bottom line—but they aren’t ignoring it entirely.

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront (2015) launched with a special VR mission exclusively for PlayStation VR. Though it was a single level, it was well received and, tellingly, built on the company’s own Frostbite engine—meaning the publisher has invested time into adapting their core engine for VR rendering. Unfortunately Battlefront II (2017) didn’t end up launching with any VR content of its own.

EA will likely have a major say in what the studio does next, but with the Rift-exclusive VR project already signed between Oculus and Respawn, the outcome could be a major factor in whether the publisher decides to take on more VR projects or scrap such initiatives until VR has further matured.

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  • Eddie Barsh

    Hard for VR to “mature” when we have games exclusive to one headset, Exclusives are bad business for everybody. Doesn’t make sense to me. Especially when u consider the success PSVR has had.

    • benz145

      This article offers a relatively clear explanation for Oculus’ stance on exclusives:

      • gothicvillas

        No it doesn’t. All I see is corporate excuses. No one can deny the fact that splitting already tiny market is not great for end user.

        • MeowMix

          They’re actually growing it. Producing high quality content (which VR needs) is appealing to non-VR owners. There’s been a bunch of new VR owners on the Oculus sub due to the new Marvel-Rift bundle. Oculus won’t make a dime on the Marvel game, but they just attracted a bunch of new VR owners into the pool

        • Get Schwifty!

          Show me direct evidence it’s had a negative impact on VR…. I challenge you. So far, people who want VR buy in, they don’t just chuck the whole thing because exclusives exist…

          • Sandy Wich

            Common sense is evidence in itself. People go to work, pay taxes, feed their family and then have a certain amount of income left over for fun.


            They choose one of the devices. That device doesn’t have certain games. They’re forever unsatisfied.

            Also, it’s not just about consumers. In fact developers of this new market suffer as well because their sales numbers, which are already limited, are suddenly cut in half again. All to satisfy investors of a mega corporation that doesn’t give a fk about the products that people love.

          • fdf

            Change your name to “Get a Brain!”. Anybody who walkz into the VR market needs to choose what platform they want to jump in. This is largely based on the games they want to play. And thus market segregation occurs. This means that there will be more losers than winners of successful VR platforms. Meaning less money circulating the entire market.

    • jumane

      I disagree console has exclusives and they matured just fine. The way i see it is if u want a game buy the hmd it’s on. Which seem to be oculus cause their have way more games compatible with it

      • ArSh

        The way I see it is if developers want me to buy their game, they need to support the HMD I already have. I really don’t need their game when I already have a huge selection of others to choose from.

      • gothicvillas

        Exclusive titles makes sense when the market has matured and there are millions HMDs sold and room for everyone. Now all they remind me a picture of two vultures who fight between each other while ripping last flesh of the rotten deer carcass (thats us). Not a pretty sight.

        • MeowMix

          Well, except these high budget VR games will be made at a loss, even if they’re sold to Vive and PSVR users Oculus will not make money on it.
          Thus, why would “Good Guy Oculus” pay charity to other headsets when they’re the ones taking 100% of the risk to fund this title ?

        • jumane

          No it doesn’t it makes sense when u trying to gain a foot hold in a market whether new or mature. It’s a way of getting attention. The rift would be failing now if it wasn’t for its exclusives so in that light it has been and continue to be a smart move by oculus cause they are building band recognition. So far it’s oculus and value htc doesn’t even get talked about when people r talking about theor headset people talk about the vive as if it’s values hmd. No one confuses the rift

      • HybridEnergy

        You took a shit when FO4 didn’t work well on the oculus though, oh the rift tears everywhere about bethesda siding with Vive and how exlusives are the end of the world. lmao hypocrites.

        • care package

          ‘and how exclusives are the end of the world’. I’m pretty sure no Rift user said that. They were irritated with Zenimax and their grudge. lmao liar.

          • HybridEnergy

            Oh yes, that did. I was there, Zenimax has the right to give Oculus the finger if they feel like it.

          • care package

            I was there too, and no they didn’t. They expressed disappointment yes, but Rifters have it pretty good for the most part. FO4 is pretty much the ONLY game not designed for the Rift anyone really cares about. You have the right to reply if you feel like it. Who cares. Oculus has the right to have their own store. I have the right to choose Rift over Vive and glad as hell I did. Why are we talking about rights?

          • HybridEnergy

            LoL oh they moaned and groaned, and they did so when Doom VFR didn’t work day one right either. Despite it being on steam and having no Oculus logo and confirmed Rift support.

          • care package

            Whatever you say man lol. Not too many left still riding the oculus hate bandwagon. They got over it after the first year.

          • HybridEnergy

            I had a rift. I still have my 3rd sensor. I don’t hate the rift, I hate exclusives, but I’m not a hypocrite so that includes Oculus with theirs.

        • jumane

          I didn’t i still don’t even own it and then i bought skyrim vr only to uninstall it cause it require installing steamvr to play. I don’t mind vive exclusive or psvr exclusive. If that ever a game i want to play bad enough i would just buy that hmd to play it on

          • HybridEnergy

            LoL ignoring steamVR as a PC gamer would leave me with Zero fucking games to play lmfao

          • for vr games I buy it on Home for other games I shop all over uplay, origin, steam, and ms store even got a few from amazon. I have no loyalty.

          • HybridEnergy

            That’s different, you don’t ignore it. I have some games on origin as well. They don’t offer VR though, and I’m exclusive VR now.

          • I can’t play solely vr games I get bored with the current set of games too easy

          • HybridEnergy

            That’s fine, but I don’t play 24/7 so I’m fine and still have a long back log of VR games.

          • HybridEnergy

            Makes no sense, you boycott steam for steamVR when it’s great but use all that other crap that’s not different. Whatever man, you guys can make your life harder for yourselves if you want. SteamVR is great and the Vive is dope.

          • I didn’t see anyone say boycott steam. I just said I don’t use steamvr cause it sucks when compared to Oculus home for vr so I only buy and play my VR stuff from HOME. other games I buy where ever I want to sometimes it’s on origin sometimes it’s on ms store or even uplay. I don’t find steam to be any better than any of those store front but when it comes to vr oculus home is a cut above them all

      • Get Schwifty!

        I find it hard to believe the *exclusives* bogey man keeps getting trotted out when as you proved it’s not a real problem. We have a 50/50 market essentially, exclusives work, maybe not _ideal_, but they do work.

      • Sandy Wich

        Exclusives are bad for consumers. Period. Consoles, “matured”, in the marketplace because they’re dirt cheap and you can buy them at the bottom shelf any toddler can reach at your local Walmart.

        Consoles are literally proof of the lowest common denominator.

        • jumane

          How is it bad for consumers? It a choice. You go on to talk about console as if it’s a bad business model when in fact it’s one of the best. Console are cheap because the company makes up the lost from the sale of the games. Oculus has not seen a profit cause it keeps funding games with a small user base just like console maker did before it got to this level. Even today exclusives are a big reason people pick the console they game on. I love the exclusive for my oculus i am glad they are funding more. Suck if u don’t have a rift but that was ur choice

          • Sandy Wich

            It’s bad for consumers because it financially locks people out of platforms they don’t own for no reason that exists. 60 exclusive consoles, 60 times 500 dollars = 30 thousand dollars just for the privilege to play a videogame. If that over-exaggeration doesn’t help you understand why exclusives are bad, nothing will.

            Exclusives hurt consumers, exclusives limit audience, exclusives completely destroy developers potential profits.

            The ONLY people that are helped with exclusives are the people who build walled gardens.

            “It sucks you didn’t pay for privilege to live insurance number 35. I guess you’re dead, but that was ur choice.”

            Yea. That’s how stupid you sound, and that’s the problem with capitalism. Shilling, fandom, and blindless.

            At this moment Kickstarter is proving there are better ways to fund games, and they should be actively sought out by developers long before selling their soul to corporate non-gaming investors.

          • you did get one thing right. i’m a privilege to play video games not a right so yes you have to pay $300-500 to jump in and then $60 for each game you want to play. but this is all a choice there r people who never play vr or never play on a xbox or ps whether it cause they can’t afford to or just don’t want to but no one is being force to

          • Sandy Wich

            BTW The, “choice”, argument is retarded. You could choose to cut your legs off, bomb school kids, rape women or kill stray cats.

            Do you though? No. You don’t.

            The choice argument is created by capitalist shills who know damn well choice doesn’t apply to a modern world drowning in addiction. Just because you can, just because you can technically choose, doesn’t mean people end up happy, doesn’t mean people make the money they should, and doesn’t mean things are right.

            You. Know. Better. So think before you speak.

          • this is just dumb and my iq drop just reading this rant. no one is locked out of anything if you pick a vive it was your “choice” the fact u have to use 3rd party app to play home games is again your choice cause as easy as it was for you to buy the vive you could have bought a rift. it’s roomscale vs more games it’s all you choice. damn i’m not even sure y I continue to explain this to u. exclusives are great cause it builds brand recognition. and just so u know yes i’m a capitalism it’s the best system out there. do u run a business?

    • revive

    • MeowMix

      Jesus Christ. Respawn wouldn’t even be making a VR game without the millions being thrown to develop the project.

      These aren’t 3rd party titles being funded by EA, the Respawn VR Shooter is a first party game entirely funded by Oculus.

      • Sandy Wich

        The, “It wouldn’t have happened”, excuse is situational and never a good argument. Lots of things wouldn’t have happened if people didn’t receive funding by a publisher. That doesn’t mean it’s good to exclude 50% of a user base that’s already using compatible hardware.

        A modder created a software program that allows Vive users to play Rift exclusives in what?.. A month?… Hardly any reason for a DISPLAY to get an exclusive. It’s a shallow attempt at creating a walled garden on a long standing, already open platform.

        The end doesn’t justify the means. 1 game getting privately funded shouldn’t mean corporate swine trying to splinter a market so they can take it over is acceptable.

        • Bob Austin

          Dumbasses like you probably voted democrat. You ALWAYS want to spend other peoples money but not your own.

    • care package

      Only the vivians seem to have more of the problem with exclusives. I’m guessing because it’s getting overshadowed by the Rift now.

    • OkinKun

      Frankly, Oculus has a majority of the VR marketshare for now, so it doesn’t matter much.

      • I was going to correct u but them I started to wonder if u are counting to gear too if so u r right if we r talking the rift only it lead the pc vr market but psvr leads over all

    • JeffG

      It’s maturing for Rift owners.

  • Walhallo

    Battlefield V(R)

  • doubleA

    “AAA” without “AAA” budget. Go figure.

  • HybridEnergy

    I don’t mind exclusives. I hope the 3 Valve games don’t work on the Rift, then we can see if the Rifters still sing the “exclusives are necessary and good” song. lmao

    • cartweet

      Never happen. As the current pc gaming store monopoly Valve wants all the VR money.

    • Mike

      FO4 release never clearly stated that it would not be compatible with the Rift, conveniently (for sales). Also I remember Vive users saying it didn’t matter if Rift had exclusives since Vive had better games and that the Rift would slowly lose market share so it was even more irrelevant.

    • I am all for this I think the vive should have exclusives but that won’t be the 3 value game… Why so? you ask, simple value doesn’t care about hardware they care about steam their SOFTWARE storefront so they want to sell as much SOFTWARE as they can. oculus is an hardware company with a supporting storefront. htc should fund exclusive games for the vive I welcome them doing that I think it’s good for vr just as in console exclusive gets to highlight what each system is best at you attract those who taste you march

  • Skippy76

    Who gives a damn.. This means you have to install EA Game’s crappy Origins software to buy it. Also.. EA’s customer service is the absolute worse. They even won an award for being the worst!

    • KUKWES

      get use to it every AAA company will have their own launcher on PC by 2020

    • care package

      Which was a total joke. There are far worse companies out there that effect people negatively on a far larger scale. America First is one example. Wells Fargo another. A lot of them banks obviously. A video game company should be way down on the list. Either this ‘award’ was determined without any precision, or it goes to show how ignorant many people are, and how they focus on entertainment before anything else.

      • Skippy76

        Its not a joke. This award is created for the companies that recieve the most complaints. It has nothing to do with elitists and other made up lefty conspiracies. EA is a huge company that produces shit games and provides zero customer service. It very much deserved that reward!

        • care package

          Ok skippy. Thanks for ‘telling’ me. I see it as a f joke. And why, I explained that

    • FRED

      Correct, EA support is the worst I have ever dealt with, I think it’s in Bangledesh.


    Wow. People are still complaining about Oculus exclusives. You know what? Rift is currently $350 on sale. Don’t wanna buy a Rift? Fine. Stop whining. You made your choice.

  • FRED

    Since the Facebook demonetizing of ALL conservative video, websites, podcasts, etc. I WILL NOT BE BUYING ANYTHING THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH FACEBOOK’S OCCULUS! As far as I’m concerned any company that does business with Facebook should die.Next phone I buy will not be Samsung and the occulus stuff they have. I gave away the occulus set I had, I WILL HAVE NOTHING OCCULUS IN MY FUTURE GAMING!

    • ok this is your right and choice ;-)

      • FRED

        And it is THE RIGHT CHOICE!

        • i’m a conservative and I think it’s dumb to do boycotts. I feel like buy what u want to buy. google and apple is doing the same things fb is doing in fact google has been worse with how they label those on the right as hate on youtube

          • FRED

            You are a schill for the left , boycott and my choice are two different things I never called for a boycott , I believe in freedom of choice. I choose not to use a fascist company’s product. If you like fascism go for it , but my choice is freedom and liberty.

          • “fascist” shouldn’t just be thrown around like that and a company can’t be fascist because that is a from of Gov. FB is a “leftist” company and u are right that it’s about choice. u choose to support htc and steamvr while I picked not to as long as we are both happy with our pic it’s a win win.

  • We can say whatever we want about Oculus, but it is impossible to say that it isn’t doing a great job in fueling the VR gaming industry.