Opaque Space, a studio working in collaboration with NASA to build space-themed VR experiences, have started experimenting with PSVR.

Update (02/06/18): In a previous version of this article, it was incorrectly reported that studio’s latest experience ‘Earthlight: Spacewalk’ would be coming to PSVR. The developers reached out to us to say they aren’t confirming any plans to port the game to PSVR, but are experimenting with the headset potentially for future projects and not for ‘Earthlight: Spacewalk’.

The article has been modified to reflect this.

Announced back in October 2015, Earthlight, the first-person space simulator from Opaque Space that puts you aboard the International Space Station (ISS), was eventually supposed to come to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR. Instead, the developers opted to only release the game in arcades, dubbing it Earthlight Arcade. A consumer version, Earthlight: Spacewalk (2017), released on Viveport for HTC Vive in November 2017.

Jennifer Scheurle, Game Design Lead at Opaque Space, tweeted out recently that the studio is experimenting with PSVR and that she’s “super pleased with how well this runs on PSVR already… was majorly worried about framerate, but it’s gorgeous.”

Opaque Space created both Earthlight experiences as a result of a multi-year collaboration with NASA. The studio’s latest experience, Earthlight: Spacewalk, takes you through several tasks performed on the ISS which clearly aim to capture authenticity over action.

We’ll be following along with Opaque Space’s latest developments, so check back soon.

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  • Seems cool!


    a parte il fatto che un esperienza non la dovete chiamarlo gioco…..
    ho preso delle belle fregature con le esperienze ps vr uscite in precedenza…avevo giurato di non farmi più fregare! ma questo , almeno graficamente ,sembra ne valga la pena. sperando sempre che magari aprendo uno sportello non appaia un automobile in versione pubblicità come nella truffa di apollo 11….il 2018 è cominciato da schifo con the inpatient per ps vr e altri mini giochi (mini truffe)pessimi!!!
    staremmo a vedere…se anche questa esperienza non mi gratificherà, giuro che non prenderò mai più una esperienza vr nello store….
    speriamo bene-.-

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    • Warscent

      Why post on an English speaking site consisting of English speaking commentators about an American game of NASA in Italian?
      Annoying. In a face to face scenario you would just get stupid looks from everyone.
      You obviously understand English. Grow up.

      “apart from the fact that you do not have to call it an experience …
      I took some nice cheats with the experiences ps vr outputs earlier … I swore not to cheat anymore! but this, at least graphically, seems worth it. always hoping that maybe opening a door does not appear a car in advertising version as in the scam of apollo 11 …. the 2018 began to suck with the inpatient for ps vr and other mini games (mini scams) bad !!!
      we’ll see … if this experience does not gratify me, I swear I’ll never take a vr experience in the store again ….
      we hope well-.”


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        • Warscent

          Its not about ignorance.
          Its abut having the decency to communicate with others in an appropriate manner.

          • ITALI-LORI-MONTI


  • Andreas Zetterström

    How does this differ from Mission:ISS?