Survios just released its music-making platform Electronauts (2018) on Quest, letting you build, drop, and remix tracks using the DJ app’s clever VR-native controls. What’s more, if you already own Electronauts on Rift (purchased through the Oculus Store), you’ll be able to jam for free on Quest.

The platform’s Quest port includes the complete roster of tracks that are currently available on Vive and Rift, including its latest Monstercat content update.

Electronauts now boasts over 40 songs from 50-plus artists, including popular EDM and hip-hop artists Odesza, 12th Planet, Krewella, The Chainsmokers, and Tokimonsta.

If you haven’t played around with it before, and are interested in music creation, Electronauts is a pretty unique app that brings a lot to the table.

While its interface is simple to use, the app actually has a pretty impressive set of tools, presented to the user as physical objects that you can easily manipulate with your motion controllers. We liked Electronauts so much we gave it a solid [9/10] in our in-depth review, and also lauded it with a Road to VR Design Award this past year for ‘Excellence in User Interface’.

You can find Electronauts on Quest for $20 on the Oculus Store.

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  • ra51

    I actually enjoyed this on the PSVR. Not really a game but more of futuristic music simulator. Not sure if it’s worth getting again on the Quest though.

  • gothicvillas

    I find it very shallow. Bought it on day 1 very excited. I have 2hrs playtime and looks like it will stay this way.

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