‘Escape Velocity VR’ Trailer – Coming to Gear VR in December

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Not much is known about Escape Velocity VR, but it’s safe to say that this Gear VR title is going to be a lonely ride through space, stranded or otherwise.

Coming in December from Poznan, Poland based studio SETAPP is Escape Velocity VR, a Gear VR title that seems to be borrowing some of the atmosphere from the sci-fi thriller Gravity (2013).

In 2038 space missions are a routine thing. You are sent for standard maintenance mission to ISS – now partially decommissioned, autonomous station. How hard can it be? Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. You’ll have to use the knowledge from your astronaut training that you hoped won’t ever be needed and engage in spacewalk that you didn’t anticipate.

Setapp is also currently working on Neverout, a horror puzzle game coming soon to the Gear VR platform.

Escape Velocity VR is unrelated to the DK1-compatible Escape Velocity 2: Dogfight demo currently on Oculus Share.

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  • VirtualBro

    Dude, these guys should NOT be using the name “Escape Velocity” unless they’re related to The One and Only Escape Velocity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escape_Velocity_%28video_game%29

    • Nathan Phillips

      Seriously. Got really excited when I thought it was a VR installment of Escape Velocity. Turns out it’s just a guy floating around.

  • kalqlate

    I understand the premise, but this isn’t a very compelling trailer. It seems that they intended their text and music to impart an anticipation of suspense and drama, but it does little of that as we tour a crude model of a space station. Perhaps, the actual VR, challenges and tasks will be more compelling, but really, I think I’d rather watch Gravity.