At CES 2014 Road to VR catches up with CCP Games’ Ian Shiels, user-experience designer on Eve Valkyrie, to get the latest on one of the first major Oculus Rift games in production.

eve valkyrie ccp games oculus rift ces 2014 interviewAfter playing coy, CCP Games at CES 2014 was finally ready to say that Eve Valkyrie would officially launch with Oculus Rift support (can’t say we didn’t see that coming!). What we found more interesting was that CCP Games was showing the game, not at their own booth, but at Intel’s. While the massive chip-maker could have gotten any old set of Oculus Rift dev kits (DK1), they invited CCP Games to bring a full set of Oculus Rift HD Prototypes along with a demo of Eve Valkyrie that seated four pilots. This was the first time that CCP Games was showing Eve Valkyrie to the public. Oculus and Eve Valkyrie clearly have Intel’s attention.

Among a few other CCP Games staff at the show was Eve Valkyrie user-experience designer, Ian Shiels who I spoke with to get the latest on development of one of the biggest Oculus Rift titles yet announced.

Shiels confirmed that Eve Valkyrie would support the Oculus Rift along with PC, but doesn’t rule out other platforms just yet, saying, “we’re not going to talk in detail about platforms yet” [1:52]. Sheils also mentions that Eve Valkyrie, which started as a mere internal prototype, now consists of a development team 20+ members strong and all of them have dev kits [3:33]. Additionally, he was kind enough to field several questions from the Reddit community that is dedicated to the Oculus Rift (r/oculus), starting at 5:16.

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  • Pontianak

    Pretty stoked about both Eve Valkyrie and Star Citizen (which also has announced Rift support. These games will finally enable those childhood dreams of flying a Star Fighter. From Star Wars, Star Trek, The Last Starfighter…

  • ChenZhu

    20+ devs already? It seems CCP commits to this project a lot. Looking forward to see how EVR will be linked with the rest of the EVE universe, EVE Online and Dust514