In Facebook’s quarterly earnings call yesterday, company CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the Oculus Store had sold nearly $5 million worth of content on Christmas Day alone.

Zuckerberg says in the Q4 2019 earnings call that the Christmas Day boom was an “outlier day,” although it represents what he calls “real volume by any measure” and that it shows the progress the ecosystem is making.

While the Oculus Store provides hardware-specific VR content for the ‘tethered’ PC VR headsets Rift & Rift S, the 6DOF standalone Oculus Quest, and the more diminutive 3DOF standalone Oculus Go, this year’s holiday winner seems to have been Quest.

The standalone headset provides many of the top games made famous on PC VR headsets, albeit tailored to fit onto Quest’s humble Snapdragon 835 mobile chipset. Releasing support for Oculus Link a month before Christmas, Quest users can also now play Rift games too by connecting to a VR-ready PC with a USB-C cable.

Image courtesy Facebook

All of this combined with its $400 price point, and Facebook has managed to create a strong enough draw with Quest to send it out of stock since well before Christmas, with back orders still projected to ship in late February as stocks rebound from the holiday rush.

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Facebook hasn’t released any info on whether its holiday bump in content sales was primarily due to Quest or Rift S owners, although the PC VR headset refresh did experience a much smaller backlog during the holiday season. It’s unclear if this was based on higher supply or lower overall demand, however our analysis of the Steam’s hardware survey month-over-month for the year of 2019 reveals that Rift S increased its VR market share on the Steam platform by about 4% from November to December, which represents roughly 18.46% of total connected headsets through Steam. With most VR games, save a few Oculus Rift exclusives, purchasable through Steam, it’s very likely the Quest ‘walled garden’ approach has garnered the company most of its content sales during that Christmas boom.

You can read the whole transcript on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook post.

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  • fcpw

    Meanwhile, according to Apple, customers spent a record $1.42 billion in the App Store between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

    • Lord Soth

      Sigh, there’s always one. Apple’s sales were ‘only’ $193m on Christmas Day. Given the huge disparity of installed user bases, the quest has done very very well. Apples and oranges…..

    • paleion

      Also, Beer sold well this year, and food is doing pretty good business. Cars have been popular products, as have houses. Electricity sold especially well in 2019 and gas sales have been very steady. But oil is outselling everything this year, its amazing.

      So yeah, screw you Oculus. You’ll never outsell oil.


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  • airball

    I worked on a VR analytics platform back a few years ago. We collected usage data from a popular headset. For the 12 month period starting at Christmas, over 90% of usage of the headset was during the week that followed. It was unbelievable, but turned out to be true. It was a spike that just dropped off a cliff after a week. I wonder if they see similar retention issues with Quest.

    • wheeler

      This is what I keep reading/hearing over and over again but only second hand from those in the know (via podcasts and such)–the main industry players seem to not want to publicly admit it. It appears that outside of enthusiasts VR retention is really terrible. It’s certainly what I see among my friends and family members (some PCVR, some Quest). Shortly after the launch of the Quest, FB said something along the lines of retention being better than other headsets, but IMO that seems too early to really be significant–I have to wonder what it will look like for users a year or two out. Everyone focuses on sales but the real issue is retention.

      If this is also the case for Quest which has minimized the friction issue (at least as much as it can be with VR) then I think people will finally have to accept that the tech is just too early to go mainstream. The cost is subsidized, the content is there, the experience is streamlined, and the friction is minimal–if this doesn’t solve it, then the problem is the tech itself. Of course that doesn’t mean there can’t be a high end market that grows slowly as the tech improves, which would actually be much more normal if you think about the growth of other technologies. My hypothesis is that the experience is just too uncomfortable/fatiguing (in many ways) and the input is frustrating and “constraining” (at least currently, I could see future innovations solving these issues, except for maybe sim sickness)

      • I agree that it’s too early… but the same people of the market define these as the “early days of VR”. the Quest is a step forward, but we need many others

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    I remember reading VR porn requests shot through the roof on Christmas as well.