It appears that Revive is already compatible with the Facebook’s new social VR app, Facebook Spaces. Revive is a popular free hack that allows Oculus content to be played on HTC Vive system.

Launched today at Facebook’s F8 opening conference, the social network’s first social VR app is available on the Early Access section of the Oculus Store. While the interface is clearly intended for Oculus Touch controllers, it is possible to launch and operate the app with an HTC Vive headset and its motion controllers.

Facebook Spaces allows you to connect with friends inside and outside of VR with Messenger video calling, draw freeform objects in 3D, share media together, and more. Check out some of these features in action.

With Revive installed, the SteamVR launcher will show Facebook Spaces in the list of Oculus apps. Once loaded, it appears mostly functional, but the virtual hands feel a bit ‘detached’ as they were designed for use with Touch controllers; some of the virtual buttons placed on the back of the wrists can be a little awkward to press without accidentally knocking your Vive controllers together. Plus, the whole grab-and-drag interface doesn’t work as intuitively due to the somewhat compromised emulation of Touch controller functionality on the Vive inputs. I had some issues with the tutorial section of the app bugging out, but it wasn’t clear if this was cause by the Revive hack or the beta status of Facebook Spaces.

Considering Facebook’s software is in beta, and Revive hasn’t been optimised for this particular app, this is a promising start and should only improve from here. And one day, if Facebook plans to make VR truly social, we expect to see official support for the HTC Vive on Facebook Spaces.

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  • Colin Parnell

    It is running on my VIVE with REVIVE but the tutorial crashes it out and I haven’t managed to get “in” properly yet which I think is down to the button remapping. We all knew this was coming and I am keen to see what FB can do with this. I only bought the VIve because it was clearly the better system over the Oculus but I still think the Oculus is great and hope and expect that FB will make this run everywhere. Imagine if FB only ran on either Macs OR PC’s and not both. Not a good idea.

    • themobiledivide

      I was able to run through the tutorial watch media and even made a successful video call to a buddy (who was blown away!). Very, very cool for an early beta app. The button mapping is a little weird but the grip buttons work well enough to get through everything. If Facebook decide to do the right thing they will be able to open this up to SteamVR relatively easily.

  • fuyou2

    You need a FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!! and no Vive support.. well..

    • Raphael

      As much as i respect ReVive.. I don’t respect oculus exclusive locked down system. I won’t be using this social bollocks until official support is added.

      Not sure i want to be fighting with strangers in vr.. Although i guess if i have virtual hands i can punch people i disagree with.

      • Octopus*

        • Raphael

          Good call. I don’t know why I typed “oculus”. I think it was a typo.

  • I’ve got it running but the interface – the blue platform in the GIF and photos above – exists outside my play space in an area I can’t even physically reach (IRL). I can barely see around the front, it’s asking me to pick a photo to base my appearance on, but I can’t reach the options. Wut? I don’t quite get it, but I’m still searching around.

  • Routb3d

    I just tried Spaces with the Vive and Revive 1.11. It was Fantastic experience without a hitch. I made it through the tutorial, Explored every inch of the UI and even called a friend. During the Video call I was able to draw and share FB 360 pics, media and such. I’m really looking forward to a day when my friends have Spaces as well. Good Job FB.

    • Info Info

      I’m stuck at the screen where it says download from oculus??? i’m so confused. I’m in revive and it is not working. stuck at blue screen. thoughts?

      • Routb3d

        You should have Oculus Home installed and be logged into an Oculus Account.. You don’t need the Actual Oculus Hardware to do this. Click to try the free beta of FB Spaces. DL the latest Revive and install While Steam is closed. Launch Steam, Launch Steam VR, go to Revive, Launch FB Spaces.. Good luck!!

  • waymon04

    I got everything working except the video call. They couldn’t see my avatar. I could see them though.

  • NooYawker

    Why would you want to if you have a Vive?

  • JDub314

    I hate “exclusives.” In some cases, I understand it but bringing it to the PC market just sucks.