Fast Travel Games announced it’s partnering with MoonHood, a new game studio founded by the creators of Lost in Random (2021) and VR game Ghost Giant (2019). MoonHood is creating a VR-supported game that aims to replicate the look and feel of claymation.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, MoonHood aims to “immerse players in strange worlds handcrafted in actual clay, cardboard and what have you,” studio says on its new website.

MoonHood says it’s hired a team of sculptors and miniature painters to create physical objects as the basis of their first project, which is currently unnamed. The sculptures are then 3D scanned and presumably animated in Blender and other engines. The game is slated to target consoles, PC, and VR headsets—no word on exact platforms for now.

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In the partnership announcement seen below, MoonHood says it’s partnering with Fast Travel’s publishing wing, but also a second unnamed partner. The studio says on its website that the project is being funded by “one of the biggest platforms,” which, considering the VR landscape right now, basically means Meta. The studio hasn’t confirmed this, as the video conveniently teases the name as a part of a redaction.

As a publisher, Fast Travel Games has brought a number of VR games to life, including third-party titles Virtuoso, EVERSLAUGHT Invasion, and Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game. It’s also developed a number of well-recieved VR games including upcoming single-player RPG Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice and asymmetric multiplayer Mannequin.

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  • Max-Dmg

    Looking forward to it, looks cool.

  • gothicvillas

    I actually like clay cartoons :) being in one sounds pretty good

    • I’ve always loved claymation.

  • What’s the gameplay? WHO KNOWS?! Look, Clay! You like clay, right? Clay, Clay, Clay, Clay, Clay!

    You realize this is just another form of concept art for a 3D artist to make the ACTUAL 3D model out of, right? This changes nothing. It actually adds polygonal waste, since 3D scans fight against clean model creation. So the game will run slower for the same graphical punch.

    I feel like this whole thing is just aimed at getting the attention of the mentally challenged people who see “CLAY” and stop thinking past that point. Clay made alot of sense for games like Neverhood, which was all 2D sprite-based, but you aren’t going to see any clay in a 3D game, you’re going to see polygons.

    Also, am I the only person wondering how a game studio only known for “Ghost Giant” and “Lost in Random” has managed to expand it’s studio? I thought that Ghost Giant was alright, but from what I can tell, sort of a market failure. I never even heard of “Lost in Random”, had to go look that one up. Another pretty game with zero gameplay, according to the few reviews I found. It seems to be the studio’s hallmark, pretty games that turn out to be pretty-boring.

    I think it’s clear what this game is going to be on it’s release. Outside of the word “CLAY!!!”, it’s going to be a boring trainwreck. These guys just don’t understand how to make an exciting game.

  • Like the idea

  • Ookami

    pretty unique idea.

  • sfmike

    These guys are artists and this look amazing.