Ricardo ‘Raicuparta’ Lopes has been working on a VR mod for the award-winning adventure game Firewatch for nearly a year now. Although the mod is heading into “maintenance mode,” which means there aren’t any new features coming down the pipeline, Lopes has decided to make the so-called ‘Two Forks VR’ mod open source and free to anyone.

Lopes, who is also known for adding VR support to The Stanley Parable and Outer Wilds, has made the source code of the Two Forks VR mod available on GitHub, so anyone who owns Firewatch on PC can play it with a SteamVR-compatible headset.

The mod lets you physically interact with the game’s many items, including the world map and compass, and play the entire game from start to finish in VR.

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It also includes a number of VR-specific settings, such as snap and smooth turning, a way of ‘driving’ a ghostly version of your avatar around and then teleporting to the destination, and either showing or disabling avatar legs.

In the mod’s most recent update, Lopes also added LIV support, so you can take mixed reality footage of your in-game adventuring like you see below.

If you’re interested in checking out mods for The Stanley Parable and Outer Wilds, head over to Raicuparta’s Patreon for access.

Looking for more VR mods? Thanks to dedicated modders, you’ll find a host of PC VR mods out there, including Cyberpunk 2077, Valheim, Resident Evil 7 & Village, and more. Check out our coverage here for more.

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  • brandon9271

    This shows you that most devs aren’t adding VR support because they simply don’t care.

    • Tommy

      Camp Santo is only a 15 person team with no VR experience and fully focused on their second game.

      • brandon9271

        I’m talking about in general. That’s a valid excuse for an indie dev but not for any of the AAA. Especially situations like Alien Isolation or RE6 that already have VR support on Playstation and they couldn’t be bothered with the PC version. It’s infuriating

        • Derek Kent

          I want to play Alien Isolation in full VR with hand tracking etc so badly. VR has spoiled me for flat games. I find it really hard to stay interested in them. I want to re-play Alien Isolation again some day but in VR specifically. Honestly this applies to all my favourites. Dishonored series etc. Imagining all my top games in full VR is heartbreaking. it would be so amazing to play them all in VR.

          • brandon9271

            I think it will eventually happen once way or another. Publisher know they can resell old games years later with HD editions, Special Edition, VR.. etc.

        • jumane

          I think AAA devs have issues just getting a working game out, let alone add vr mode. i think the best we can ask them to do is add the vr plugins so vr mods can then go in and add vr. if AAA devs do that, that would be enough then modders can pick which games they wish to see in vr

          • Tommy

            That’s a good solution

        • Tommy


        • antonio mora


          • brandon9271

            Resident evil 6

          • antonio mora

            I know but it doesn’t have VR support AFAIK

          • brandon9271

            Ahhh.. i misspoke. RE7 and 8 had PSVR support I think..

        • DaRc

          Alien Isolation has VR support on Playstation?? When did that happen?

      • 3872Orcs

        Didn’t Valve hire the Campo Santo team? I think their next game got shelved when that happened. Some of them worked on Half Life Alyx though.

        • Tommy

          I’m not sure if they hired the company but several devs left Campo and went to work on Valve games. So whatever VR talent they had left a while back. I think a few went on to work on DOTA and HLA

        • James Cobalt

          In The Valley of Gods was announced for the end of 2019. It was then put on indefinite hold as developers left the project to work on Alyx. It’s not officially canceled but… it’s Valve. It’s effectively canceled. Such a shame.

  • Richard R Garabedian

    this game looks good but the story seems so lame

    • Ben Van Deventer

      It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. It’s a pretty melancholy, somber, cathartic, etc kind of slow-burn, like certain drama movies/novels. I found it pretty relaxing and interesting though.

    • Hmf5

      Yea, the story isn’t for everyone but it really has way more than what meets the eyes.