Perception Neuron, a VR motion input suit by Beijing-based Noitom Technology, took to Kickstarter on August 8th and came to a very successful conclusion, reeling in nearly $572,000, more than twice the campaign’s $250,000 goal. Now, the first an unboxing by filmmaker and VFX artist BrandonJLa has appeared showing one of the first Perception Neuron sets in the wild – and the video demonstrates some impressive looking mo-cap accuracy.

The video shows Brandon putting the system through its paces in various poses, some more challengingly bizarre than others, and the motion capture system performs admirably throughout, judging by the on-screen avatar’s actions.

The system has the potential to disrupt the traditional motion capture industry, allowing artists to gain access to the techniques which have, up to now, been largely prohibitively expensive.

If you’re a Perception Neuron Kickstarter backer, waiting for your kit to be shipped, let us know what you think of the video in the comments below.


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