‘Flipside Studio’ Brings Full-featured Virtual Production Studio to Quest 2 & Rift


Virtual production suite Flipside Studio is now available on Quest 2 and Meta PC, targeting podcasters, vloggers, and anyone looking for a VR studio to produce their own video content.

Created by Winnipeg, Canada-based Flipside XR, the Flipside Studio app is packed with production tools and assets that let you to create your own virtual content, which can be livestreamed or recorded, edited and shared anywhere you might standard video, such as YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook.

Now available for free on Quest 2 and Meta PC platform, Flipside Studio lets you create solo projects or team-based content, which includes virtual sets, avatars, configurable environments, props, lighting, and a host of controllable cameras to capture the show.

Here’s a list of features, courtesy Flipside XR:

  • Custom Characters – Users can choose from multiple in-app pre-loaded characters or customize their own avatars through the Ready Player Me integration.
  • Sets and props – Creators can choose from a variety of sets and hundreds of props available in-app.
  • Multiple Cameras and Angles – Multiple virtual cameras can be positioned, placed and moved as users like, allowing for dynamic camera angles and even camera movement speeds.
  • Professional Production Tools – Virtual cameras, teleprompters, lights, and 1080p output with casting to the Flipside Broadcaster app are just a few of the tools available to creators.
  • Single or Multi-User Productions – Creators can collaborate in the same sets simultaneously from one or multiple locations – or even create a solo production with multiple characters by layering motion recordings together in-app.
  • Flipside Creator Tools – More advanced features can be found through the app’s free Unity plug-in that gives experienced creative teams the ability to upload fully customized environments, characters and props.
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Flipside Studio was initially released in alpha on PC VR headsets in 2018 and then returned to closed testing after some time on Steam. If you played during that time, you’ll see some notable differences, as the studio says it’s undergone extensive testing and feedback from thousands of content creators and technologists who have been using a free early access version since 2020.

The studio says it’s working on a Steam version of the app, however there’s no information on when to expect its launch. In the meantime, users on Quest 2 and Meta PC can download and use Flipside Studio for free.

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  • sfmike

    Is this just being marketed to girls?

    • Lucidfeuer

      or the silicon valley dorks who made horizon

      • Guest

        …or the uncanny-valley of avatars that look like inflatable sex toys!

  • Wow, I remember testing it a lot of years ago… it’s great to see the commitment of these people to deliver

  • Anonmon

    “Users can choose from a multitude of in-software pre-loaded characters, or customise their own avatars through Ready Player Me integration”

    So, dead in the water from the outset. What does this software have that using VRChat for the exact same purpose with the actual ability to be ANYTHING or have ANY kind of world or prop and such the “Podcasters, vloggers, and anyone looking for a VR studio to produce their own video content” would want? Quest integration? Anyone seriously looking into something like this is going to have to have a proper PC setup anyway.
    “Up to 1080p”? Come on now.
    No mention of how you get your body tracked into this either, which is kinda key if we’re doing anything that’s not stuck behind a table and such.
    I genuinely cannot fathom what this has going for it when even out of the box your VRChat / ChilloutVR / NeosVR is far more feature rich for this kind of purpose by virtue of being for general social VR games.
    This comes from knowing at least a few people who “Make content” in VRChat and such, the kinds of things that are at least trying to push what you can do in a virtual reality environment. What’s being presented here would be a step backwards in just about every way.

    • Anonmeh

      For me, it’s just sad watching someone with an obvious axe to grind go after a small business trying to do big things, again and again.

      • No, he’s totally right. You can do all of this stuff in VRChat, FOR FREE, and with access to far more avie’s. They aren’t “trying to do big things”, so much as trying to do something somebody else already did but far better, but with poorer results and for money.

      • Siddharth Varshney

        People comparing this to VRChat et al don’t get that this product is specializing in CONTENT CREATION instead of SOCIAL INTERACTIONS.