HTC today announced that a VR experience based on HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones is set to launch exclusively on Viveport Infinity starting tomorrow, supporting Vive and Rift.

The experience, called Beyond the Wall, is said to transport users to the northern border of The Seven Kingdoms to fight and defend ‘The Wall’, the megalithic structure separating the South from the untamed North—a place that plays host to the mysterious rise of an army of undead wights under the behest of the ‘White Walkers’. There, players will be able to test their sword-fighting skills against an undead polar bear and hoard of wights.

Beyond the Wall made its initial debut at select AT&T stores as a ‘4D’ brand engagement activation to promote the season finale of Game of Thrones; this represents the first time users will be able to jump into the experience at home.

Image courtesy HTC, HBO

Beyond the Wall was created by HBO and Framestore, the Oscar-winning studio known for their work not only in film and TV, but also immersive experiences such as the Game of Throne-themed VR activation Ascend the Wall, and the recent Magic Leap GOT experience The Dead Must Die.

Since Beyond the Wall is exclusive to Viveport Infinity, HTC’s Netflix-style game subscription service, you’ll of course need to be a member to play.

Viveport Infinity is typically available for free for a two-week trial, costing $13 per month afterwards (or $100 annually), which gives you unlimited access to a 500+ VR games and apps. Take note: throughout the month of June, both new and existing Infinity members who own an Oculus Rift or Valve Index will be able to redeem two free months of the service.

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Image courtesy HTC, HBO

There’s just one more catch. Beyond the Wall is launching first in English in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, the UK, and Canada. You can probably thank the patchwork of licensing issues that official IP releases necessarily face when they head across borders.

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  • Hivemind9000

    Even in 2019 we still have to deal with stupid antiquated international licensing crap. I thought games were past that sort of thing now, but I guess I thought wrong.

    And they wonder why piracy still exists when they fuel it with these sorts of restrictions.

  • Grey Lock

    Hope you guys will review this game – I’m not sure if it’s worth signing up for Infinity just to try it out ;-)

    • Darshan

      I thought by title this must be a story driven experience like Vader Immortal, if its just Arizona Sunshine set in GoT Ice y world .. No please thanks.

  • The Bard

    Harmful action. This game should be available to Steam and Epic store too. I don’t want to install additional trojan im my system.

    • Etailer

      Now VivePort I have not joined yet but for $10 per year for access to 500 titles is a little enticing.

      • it’s $13/mo, or $100/year. So at minimum, $10/mo.

        • Etailer

          oh, I meant $10 per month is a little enticing. It would be nice if they could make Game of Thrones a full AAA title game.

  • Henrik ‘Walter’ Peytz

    Way to screw the pooch. Exclusive to one platform, and a cash-grab trying to capitalize on a popular series at that. Add loot-boxes and you’ve got the holy trifecta of how to make a crap game down good.

  • Hivemind9000

    I assume by humanity you mean the US (and maybe the UK), especially when you start talking about national autonomy. Unfortunately for those of us who live on the “rim” of humanity, in my case meaning Australia, we have to suffer from old school distribution middlemen who add nothing but cost and inconvenience to what would otherwise be a good service. A good example was HBO’s Game Of Thrones, where Fox (cable/satellite service) secured the rights in Australia and the only way you could watch it was to pay $80+ per month with a 12 month lock-in. I would be happy to pay an HBO subscription if it were possible, but Fox can go suck on my salty chocolate balls.

    I was hoping the games industry was beyond this sort of BS, but I guess some TV property licensing businesses still have their heads in the past.

    (as you can probably tell I’m in the freer market camp)

    • enola

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