Hands on with the future of PS4 Gaming

Our roving report Ben Lang is on the show floor at GDC 2014 and has sent back a hands-on playtest with Sony’s new prototype VR Heedset, codenamed Project Morpheus.

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  • George

    So how did it “feel”?

  • seanlumly

    I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing impressions! Though this will inevitably be compared to the Oculus Rift, I think it’s more valuable to know weather it provides a good experience as this device will have a very significant reach into the market. So far, it has gotten very good first-impressions, which is excellent for the new VR market. Given Sony’s reach, it should excite many gamers, and many developers that consider this new medium for the first time.

    I remember watching the old Datura demos, so it is obvious that Sony has been working on this tech for a long time. It is also great that they have paid attention to the innovations that Oculus has brought to the market and has introduced some notable innovations as well. I’m really eager to seeing how well they’ve done up until this point.

  • mhenriquecd

    the screen image is rounded like the Oculus Rift or is square?

    the glasses sony proved better than the oculus rift dev kit 2 somewhere else?