Google Announces Tilt Brush ‘Artist in Residence’ Program Featuring Over 60 Artists


Google have announced a new ‘Artist in Residence’ program which will see over 60 artists introduced to the emergent artistic platform of virtual reality via the company’s own Tilt Brush application.

As anyone who’s tried it knows, Google’s Tilt Brush is a delight. Not only was the application an apt demonstration of the HTC Vive’s room-scale tracking and motion control capabilities, it gave us a convincing glimpse of a new form of artistic expression emerging.

To mark Google’s commitment to this emerging and rapidly evolving new art platform, the company have today announced an Artist in Residence program. The initiative aims to highlight what is possible with virtual reality by introducing over 60 artists to Tilt Brush and virtual reality, and seeing what they create using it. The artists span multiple backgrounds and disciplines, some emergent, some traditional, but all unique in style.

You can see the introduction video to the program in the embedded video above which features artists Bradley Theodore, Sougwen Chung, Chris Prynoski, Bob Mankoff and Scott McCloud among many others. It’s a refreshing introduction to the artists’ styles and it’s great to see the artist’s first experiences painting in 3D with VR.

Check out the AiR website here for more information on the program and for a gallery of artwork it has yielded thus far.

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  • Dave

    Did anybody see any dancers in that clip? Could not stand to listen all those fat artists talk out their asses.

    • Eviltwin

      AKA artsy fartsy VR!