google cardboard v2 io 2015 (5)After reaching more than 15 million installs of Cardboard apps from Google Play, Google is now making the official Google Cardboard app available in +100 countries for iOS and Android devices.

In Google’s latest effort to bring VR to the world, they have decided to broaden the release the official Cardboard app, making it now available in over 100 countries and a total of 39 different languages in which the app can be viewed, the company announced on the Google Developers Blog.

Now covering over half of the world’s countries, Google has also translated the Cardboard developer docs into 10 major languages so everyone can start building for one of the most accessible VR solutions currently out there.

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The cherry on top of the cake: Google has tightened up their SDK to allow for better utilization of smartphone sensors for Android devices, decreasing drift for even lower-quality sensors.

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