Tilt Brush (2016), the VR art app from Google, now has the ability to directly export VR creations to Sketchfab, the popular online repository for 3D models.

Tilt Brush has had the ability to import from Sketchfab for some time now, although the process of exporting has been manual.

The Tilt Brush team says in a Steam update that uploading to Sketchfab works similarly to uploading to Google Poly, its own 3D model repository, calling it an “equal combination of easy and fancy.”

If you haven’t uploaded a VR creation to Poly before, here’s the entire process as described in a blog post by Bart Veldhuizen, Sketchfab’s head of community:

  • In Tilt Brush, select ‘Upload’ and then click Sketchfab Sign in.
  • Take off your VR headset and complete the sign-in process on your desktop – a browser window will be waiting for you. If your browser is already signed in to Sketchfab, you only need to allow Tilt Brush to use it.
  • Enter VR again and return to the Upload menu. Your Sketchfab username and avatar will now show. Click them to upload your model.
  • On the desktop, you will now see your Sketchfab model. Wait for it to complete processing, add a title and description, apply some tweaks in the 3D editor as needed and publish it!

Tilt Brush is available on most major VR platforms including Quest, Rift, and SteamVR-compatible headsets. Notably, the only missing platform thus far is PSVR, although that may be arriving sooner rather than later according to recent findings obtained from PSN.

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