Another Axiom, the indie studio behind wildly successful VR game Gorilla Tag, hinted that it’s now pursuing a project inspired by Echo VR.

Kerestell ‘LemmingVR’ Smith, the lead creator of Gorilla Tag, originally started working on the game thanks to his love of Echo VR, the zero-g sports game created by the Meta-owned studio Ready at Dawn.

Late last month though, Meta announced it will be shutting down Echo VR this summer as the team pursues other projects. As you’d imagine, this didn’t sit right with the small but dedicated playerbase, Smith included.

And Smith isn’t just any fan; he’s competed in and won several Echo VR competitions with his team ‘’, making the loss of the game decidedly more personal.

In a recent tweet, Smith hinted that a new project is on the horizon which will be a zero-g sports game of sorts—undoubtedly a response to Meta pulling the plug on Echo VR.

Another Axion hasn’t tipped their hats beyond Smith’s tweet, so we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store from the creator of Quest’s most-rated game, which has surpassed even the Meta-owned rhythm game Beat Saber in the number of user reviews it’s garnered.

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In fact, the game has been so successful it generated $26 million in revenue from in-app purchases. The gorilla-themed game of tag has also reported a staggering (for VR) peak monthly active user count of 2.3 million in December 2022, further stating that over 760,000 users played on Christmas Day.

Thanks to Sven Viking for pointing us to the news.

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  • Mike EY

    Do the opposite of Meta, and make a fortune…

  • kool

    I think meta will drop a new echo VR with the quest 3. If I was him I’d move on to co Op vr. Working together builds a community way easier in VR.

    • Hey in this case, the more the merrier, there’s plenty of room for interpretation of sports in zero g. I doubt RAD is working on a replacement for Echo VR though, why kill off your community before announcing it’s replacement? I think Boz would have at least left us with a little tease if that were the case.

      • kool

        They said they have something unannounced coming up in the same tweet. If its something different why kill the community?

        • Right, why would they kill Echo if they have something new coming? Surely that would be a great mode for them to promote the next game. To me that just reaffirms that whatever it is, it’s a significant departure from Echo. Hope I’m just over-thinking it though, Echo should never have gone away.

  • Ready Player112

    Well, Lemming has always been mildly full of himself.. I mean, Jetpack Stadium has been on Steam for over a year now, probably among others. And numerous new clones have popped up since the decision to shut down Echo VR.

    Combining the playerbases of Arena and Gorilla Tag should be an interesting social experiment, though, considering their reputations. One might wonder how many resources they intend to dedicate to Moderation and Reporting functionality.

    • ViRGiN

      Who cares about steam? It’s sidequest for pcvr, when war the last game released that is in top 10 of games by concurrent users?

      If it’s releasing on steam exclusively, it’s a guaranteed dogshit.

      • LMAO

        Ignorant troll alert!

        • ViRGiN

          Must be super convincing “trolling” if you dedicated yourself to “calling” it out.

          • LMAO

            Ignorant troll alert!

  • ZeePee

    Would be absolutely epic if its a hit and they make a fortune too.

    Would serve Meta right. Shame on that guy Boz.

    • ViRGiN

      They’ll make 30% off it. Tag success is Meta success. I’m not sure why you want to make it look like ‘meta vs them’. It probably has everything to do with you having nothing to do on PCVR other than hope for the future, and dust off your rusty crusty controller to play praydog mods.

  • Let’s see what he will be able to pull out. Maybe the mechanics will be the same of Echo VR, but made with monkes?

  • Kayla

    i want to be a creater becues i help poeple learn how to play