Hyperviolent Gladiator Sim ‘GORN’ Exits Early Access, Launch Trailer Here

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GORN, the ridiculously violent VR combat game, has officially ended its two-year stint in Early Access.

Update (July 18th, 2019): Gorn is now out of early access, which adds a few new features to the list, such as the ‘Grand Finale’ showdown with ALIMTA, and a new Weapon, The Hand Cannon.

The game also now includes a local multiplayer party mode, where up to four other players can control the enemy gladiators with gamepads.

The Free Lives team also included a Custom Mode, allowing players to tweak gameplay settings and experiment with some mutators.

Original Article (July 9th, 2019): The physics-based gladiator sim—available on Steam (Rift, Vive, Index) and the Oculus Store (Rift)—is slated to leave Early Access on July 18th.

Free Lives, the team also behind Broforce (2015) and Genital Jousting (2018), haven’t spoken yet about what updates they’ll be bringing to the full version of the game when it launches next week, although a Free Lives developer took to Reddit to say that new content was ‘definitely’ coming at launch.

Earlier this year, the studio released their biggest update yet, dubbed ‘The Teachings of ODALBE’, which reworked the progression and unlock system of the game’s campaign. The Teachings of ODALBE arrived in February (and a hotfix one month later), however at the time Free Lives didn’t consider the campaign as properly finalized, so we’d expect the studio will bring yet more polish to the campaign as a part of their launch day content.

Otherwise, it’s still a mystery what GORN has in store—maybe more giant crab-bros? We’ll be keeping our eyes open, so check back soon for more info on launch day info (see update).

Yes, that’s a rap video featuring a fictitious barbarian language (and yes, it’s awesome).

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  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    any word if they will port to QUEST or support INDEX?

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    and I guess multiplayer is out of the question now, co-op or vs.

    • dogtato

      there’s the local vs mode, though it was underwhelming last I tried it

      • aasd

        no way! you could have someone on a controller playing flatscreen while ur in vr, its pretty cool

  • felix

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