‘GTFO’ Gameplay Reveals VR Fun with Physics and the HTC Vive


I’m a big fan of games which just allow you to enjoy the mechanics of a game space. Give me a virtual room, objects and some well implemented physics and I’ll get lost in my own sandboxed world, as if a 5 year old again. GTFO (Gravitational Testing Facility & Observations) for the HTC Vive looks to be shaping up to be one of those games.

The aim of the demo seems to simply be ‘guide the spheres from entry to exit point’ – but to do this you’re given a collection of gravity bending objects to wield with your HTC Vive SteamVR controllers. Panels and tubes which direct force in a particular direction and wands which distort gravity, flinging spheres as if in orbit, GTFO demonstrates bundles of that elusive ‘fun’ quotient so many titles lack.

Developed by VR Bits, the team behind multi-player space shooter, Darkfield VR and Gear VR action title Nighttime Terror, the new title is early in development but shows real promise. As a game which explores the use of physical motion controls and some light room-scale VR use, despite its simplicity, it aptly demonstrates the potential power of the medium of VR.

No word on release date as yet, but we hope to see more of this title in the coming weeks as Valve’s flagship Steam VR hardware edges closer to release later this year.

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