Hardlight VR is a new haptic suit from Nullspace VR that launched its Kickstarter last week. It’s already set to pass its original goal and the team have announced the project’s first stretch goal.

We wrote recently about Nullspace VR’s haptic suit project Hardlight VR and the team’s intent to bring the product to Kickstarter. Well, the company launched their campaign last week and it looks as if Hardlight VR will hit the original $80,000 target in under a week.

Hardlight VR is an upper-body vest containing 16 haptic pads that deliver impact feedback to your chest, back, arms and shoulders. The pads can be triggered by any software integrated with NullSpace VR’s APIs with relative rotational information for your body provided by integrated IMUs.

The company (as we mentioned in our last piece) have persuaded a number of VR developers, including recent Indie favourite Sairento VR, to add Hardlight Suit support. Joining that are 14 other games, including the likes of futuristic racer Redout and room-scale archery favourite Holopoint. The latest announcement for the project is the first stretch


Early bird Hardlight VR units are already gone, but interested backers can still get their hands on a suit from $499. Note that Hardlight VR is currently tethered, with a USB cable attaching the suite to the PC providing both power and the input / output feed. The team claim that a wireless add-on is on the roadmap, should they reach the stretch goal.

However, if you can live with those, the team certainly have a large enough selection of software for you to sample on delivery. And, with the campaign’s goal met in under a week, it’ll be interesting to see how much more interest the project garners and how much more can be raised in the

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  • Mike

    “Note that Hardlight VR is currently tethered”

    • mm

      You’re already tethered this will make no difference. I think it’s awesome, good job guys.

  • Xron

    Seems, awesome, Oculus or Vive could spend some cash to make them progress even further and make their vests cheaper and to be usable in more game.
    Awesome concept. Now vr gloves, omnimill and eye tracking with a good vr mmo and 100k+ of people won’t be found irl for quite some time.

  • Love full body VR… but the fact that is tethered is so bad

    • mm

      Your’re currently tethered…

  • fuyou2

    UTTERLY USELESS PRODUCT!!.. I bet you’ll try it once than put it away never to be seen. Bulky, cumbersome, tethered piece of shit for a substandard weak haptic sense.

  • Totally Magical Unicorn

    I can’t see this being anything other than a novelty. The more work it is to pick up VR and play a game, the less motivation to use it. Strapping all of this on for a couple of hours in Holopoint or whatever – I can only see someone doing it a couple of times before the novelty wears off. I love people developing stuff for VR though.

  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    How about investing money into finding ways of killing that god-awful teleport mechanic?