A high school student from Perth, Australia, has launched a Kickstarter campaign focused on a novel plastic VR smartphone adapter, that unlike many designs on the market actually snaps apart to retain its flat pack portability.

Since its initial release back in summer of 2014, Google Cardboard has been an unintimidating way to introduce a first VR experience to friends and family. It’s light, easy to use, and comes in a flat pack that contains everything you need to get started consuming the hundreds of Cardboard apps on Google Play. But for Ethan Bloom, a high school student in Perth, Australia, there were a few things missing from Cardboard’s design.

built flatvr

Bloom calls the project FlatVR, a fitting name for a device that features 6 snap-together pieces that can be packed flat again at a moments notice—with the total disassembled stack measuring just over an inch thick. FlatVR is designed to fit a wide variety of phones too via its universal fitting mechanism. The high schooler even received the help of an optometrist to consult on the design, saying the widened opening was built to comfortably allow glasses wearers to keep their spectacles on during sessions.

FlatVR Kickstarter Campaign 

Modeled in his 3D design course at school, the teenager also produced prototypes of FlatVR on his home 3D printer. Bloom has projected the final injection molded device to weigh only 90 grams, providing he reaches his $15,000 AUD (~$12,000 USD) funding goal, with delivery of the finished piece set for August 2015.

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Here’s a look at the reward tiers for FlatVR’s crowdfunding campaign.

Pledge $30 AUD ($24 USD) or more Early Bird Reward

Pledge quick and get your FlatVR within no time and at $20 off the retail price, its a great bargain. This reward is for the the fastest and is limited to 300 so get pledging.

Pledge $35 AUD ($28 USD) or more Standard Tier

Pledge $35 and get your FlatVR within no time and at $15 off the retail price, its a great bargain.

Pledge $45 AUD ($36 USD) or more Early Delivery with Carry Case

Pledge $45 and get your FlatVR first of the production line before anyone else. Also receive a nice carry case for your device.

Pledge $60 AUD ($48 USD) or more Double Early Bird

Pledge $60 and get 2 FlatVR devices within no time one for you and one for a friend at $40 off the retail price its an amazing bargain.

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  • SuperDre

    Sorry, but we really don’t need this anymore, just go to the bigger chinese market sites and you can get any type of ‘VR-cardboard’ you want..

    • Scott Hayden

      It’s true that FlatVR is sort of a ‘Johnny come lately’ in terms of the base technology, but the important thing to notice is that Bloom is trying to address some very real needs of beginning VR users, and doing it in an honest and heartfelt way. We wanted to highlight not only his contribution, but him personally for his efforts.

      • EthanBloom

        Hello Scott
        Thank you very much for the fantastic review, I greatly appreciate it.

        • NotABadGuy

          Hey Ethan, I’m also a Perth Based VR advocate- I use the GearVR and would love to help out =) Send me a comment reply or message if you would too!

    • Ben Lang

      I agree with Scott, I think it’s neat to see someone like Bloom be an active participant of this exciting technology. Frankly, at $24 for the Early Bird, that’s a steal if it can beat the quality of a haphazardly designed and manufactured knockoff.