Relic Entertainment, the studio behind the classic real-time strategy franchise Homeworld, announced it’s releasing its all-new VR game for Quest next month, putting players in its iconic 3D space battles.

Update (April 23rd, 2024): Relic Entertainment and FarBridge announced that Homeworld: Vast Reaches is set to launch on Quest 2 and Quest 3 on May 2nd, 2024. You can wishlist it here.

There’s no release date yet for the SteamVR version, as the studio says it’s set to come “later this year.”

The original article announcing Homeworld: Vast Reaches follows below:

Original Article (April 4th, 2024): FarBridge, which is working with Borderlands studio Gearbox, says Homeworld: Vast Reaches is an entirely new game (re: not a port or remaster) which has been designed from the ground up for VR in terms of controls, play-style, and optional mixed reality mode.

Here’s how FarBridge describes it:

Experience this strategy space game through a new perspective — get up close and personal to epic space battles, commanding your ships in real-time all around you. Your fleet is at your fingertips in this new Homeworld story where you can execute strategic attacks on your enemies from any direction or angle. This new perspective in VR allows you to build units, shape fleet formations, and orchestrate combat tactics while you’re in the middle of the action.

Set between the events of Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2, you take on the role of Tyrra Soban, a new Fleet Command. Guiding you is Karan S’jet, the legendary hero of Homeworld War, as the original Kushan Mothership is pulled from retirement to serve as the flagship of a new fleet. Together Tyrra and Karan face a new threat, the Radaa, duplicitous interstellar traders who want to obtain your hyperspace core and don’t care if they destroy your Homeworld to get it.

You can wishlist the game on Quest here. There’s no exact release date yet beyond ‘spring 2024’, but we’ll be following along to see just when, so check back soon.

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  • Zerofool

    FarBridge, the studio behind the classic real-time strategy franchise Homeworld

    Are you sure? The classic titles were made by Relic Entertainment. At some point, the founders of the company left and formed Blackbird Interactive (BBI), who made Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and the upcoming Homeworld 3. Gearbox is the publisher because they own the Homeworld IP now.
    This is the first time I hear of FarBridge, and looking at their team, I don’t see any of the veterans from the Relic era.

  • fcpw

    Love this series but custom gestures would make so much more sense than pointing and virtual buttons.