Horror Roguelike ‘The Persistence’ to Arrive on PSVR July 24th


The Persistence is an upcoming rougelike shooter from Firesprite Games, the studio behind The Playroom VR. Set to release July 24th, the procedurally generated title aims to present an interesting mix of asymmetrical gameplay by allowing a single VR player to do the heavy lifting while others connect via their phone or tablet and disable (or enable) traps, baddies, and scavenge for goodies.

Set aboard an out-of-control science and research vessel called ‘The Persistence’, you’re tasked with combating the now mutated crew of survivors, the results of a failed teleporter experiment. One more problem; The Persistence is also being pulled into the gravity of the collapsing star, and it’s your job to save the ship.

While you can fight back against the zombie hordes with its many guns, the blogpost announcing the game puts special emphasis on the need for stealthiness. According to the blogpost, locomotion is “smooth FPS controls,” but you’re also equipped with a short-range teleporter which is “perfect for moving stealthily between cover.”

Using a phone or tablet (local play only), your friends can also join in on the fun by ‘hacking’ into Solex, the ship’s engineering system. Here, your headset-less friends can decide to help you, or cash in on a big payday if you die by spawning new enemies and make them attack.

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There aren’t any US store links yet, so you’ll need to keep an eye on PlayStation’s general listing for now. Pre-orders are already available (strangely enough) in both the Finland and Romania PSN stores, which list the game for around $30.

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  • Hmm, based on the hand animations and “smooth FPS” control bit in the article, I’m guessing this is going to be a Dualshock game, which is unfortunate. If they have a Move controller option (plenty of games have figured out good control schemes for this, like Arizona Sunshine or Skyrim VR), I might be interested. The asynchronous element could make this pretty fun, but I just find the immersion factor drops significantly without hand controls.

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